November 24, 2009
Photo Of The Day
Vince Young :: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


Harmless fun or shady? Who knows. But should referees really high five players at the end of a game? That's what happened last night when referee Jerome Boger went up top with Vince Young for what was the second-most interesting picture from the game. This was first.
Let's Start Calling Strahan "Florida"
The Sporting Muse has put together a very amusing edition of NFL broadcaster lookalikes.
Quiz Time
Which is greater? The amount George Steinbrenner and his fellow investors paid for the Yankees in 1973 or Alex Rodriguez's 2009 salary? Which is greater? Career rushing TDs by Dan Fouts or Career passing TDs by LaDainian Tomlinson? To get the answers and try your hand at more questions like these, take Mental Floss' Sports Quantity Quiz.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Eva Mendes :: Getty Images
Jason, of Fair Lawn, N.J., says, "Jimmy, now that Hot Clicks is posted twice a day, I'm hoping you can find a way to give us more Eva Mendes." I think I can do that.
So That's How It Went Down...
Here's an extreme -- and I mean, EXTREME -- re-enactment of what might have happened to Jimmy Clausen during that bar fight and who may have sucker punched him.
Speaking Of Unnecessary Violence...
This 6-year-old football player is a little ridiculous.
Funny People
I have 10 copies of Funny People on Blu-Ray to give away. Here's what you have to do. Check my Twitter feed at 5 p.m. ET. I will ask a trivia question. The first 10 people to e-mail me the answer at will win the movie. The key thing to remember here is that you must e-mail me the answer. Do not Tweet the answer to me, because I want go give the folks who don't use Twitter a chance to win.
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Music Video Of The Day
The Muppets take on Bohemian Rhaposdy.

Political Ad Video Of The Day
James Perry is running for Mayor of New Orleans, and his latest ad asks, "Are you s------- me?" (Thanks to Andrew, of Stamford, Conn., for the link.

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