November 13, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
I Pronounce You Man and Overly Confident Wife
What man wouldn't want UCLA cheerleaders at his wedding? :: Courtesy of Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

It takes a special kind of woman to surprise her betrothed on their wedding day by renting six UCLA cheerleaders and Joe Bruin ($100 a pop) for the reception, but that's what happened out in sunny So Cal. Where there's cheerleader news, there's Busted Coverage. Fear not, the post includes the compensatory crowd reaction and cheer stunt videos.

Freakishly, Ferociously, Fierce Failures

There are failures, and then there are colossal, elephantine, stupendous failures. That became an important distinction when Bleacher Report set out to rank the top 10 epic failures of the BCS era. The most monumentally disappointing team of all? The 2000 Crimson Tide, which started the season ranked No. 3 and finished with a putrid 3-8 record. But buck up, 'Bama fans, because you've got plenty of SEC company on this list.

Let's Taunt Some Lions

When Wisconsin players prepare for the yearly Iowa matchup, they go out to the woods, play dead, wait for a hawk to land on them and then grab it. Hard to believe, but if John Moffitt says it, it must be true. Speaking of Moffitt, we suggest you sit down, because we've got some fan-friggin-tastic news. The burly Badger penned an athlete's blogging guide just for SIOC readers, so go find out what it takes to tackle hard and blog harder.

For Love of the Game (And Pet)
Kentucky fans love their basketball ... and their cats. :: John Sommers/Icon SMI : AP

There's nothing wrong with loving college hoops, and there's certainly nothing wrong with loving your pet so much you want to hold onto its memory in any way possible after it dies. But there is something horribly, impossibly wrong about securing a slam-dunking, Kentucky-clad, taxidermy cat and then selling it on Craigslist for $1K.

Pull for the Muncie Boys

If the prospect of the "Boom goes the dynamite" guy coming out of retirement isn't reason enough to hope and pray Ball State earns a BCS bid, nothing is.

A Fan, or the Man?

There's nothing funny about this clip, which shows the late hit that ended Tulane quarterback Joe Kemp's season, but reader JP couldn't help but notice the uploader's name...

Five for Fighting

Here's some Seminole trivia for ya': In five of Florida State's nine games this season, one or more receivers have failed to play because of a suspension. We suspect getting into a massive student union brawl's a pretty good way to add to the tally.

Richie Rich

Just because 23-year-old Florida law student Darren Heitner founded and runs a successful blog and an even more successful athlete representation company while you're still letting your mom buy you Frosted Flakes for breakfast doesn't mean you should feel badly about yourself. But hey, if you fancy yourself a budding filmmaker, Details could turn you from cereal-shoveling student to suave, successful star in no time.

Pop Culture Nugget

You can't rank the Bond flicks without ranking the Bond girls.

Today In Hot Clicks
Kelli :: Courtesy of Jaguars 2009 Cheerleader Calendar

Photo Gallery: Jaguars cheerleader, Kelli ... Ten altered legacies ... Nauseating promo ... Starting Lineup quiz ... Sapp vs. Keyshawn ... Video: Ref knocked out ... Hottest athletes.

Odds and Ends

Your 2008 virtual title game: Florida-Oklahoma ... The BCS committee thinks it knows better than Barack Obama ... We've got Cheerleader of the Week, but College Hoops Net has a Cheerleader of the Day ... Inside the life and lies of an Oregon coach.

Playboy's Helpful Hints

Listen up, gents: Apparently, it's not a good idea to wear a shirt that reads "Certified Boob Inspector" when meeting your girlfriend's parents.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You have to admire this cat's determination.

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