November 16, 2012
Embarrassing Photo of the Day
Robin Lopez :: Photo via Grantland

loss of Twinkies. Robin Lopez as this photo demonstrates Man in the Mirror Lopez is a huge Michael Jackson fan
Carmelo=John Mayer?
Adele Derrick Rose Carmelo Anthony John Mayer pairing NBA players with their pop music alter-egos.
Jets Update
players anonymously ripped Tim Tebow New York Daily News LaDainian Tomlinson the anonymous criticisms came from Antonio Cromartie and Bart Scott. quickly denied the allegations Shonn Greene then quickly denied "Mark is a player on the team" lucrative Personal Seat Licenses Kemp Carr named the team's High School Coach of the Week
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Jessica Gomes :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

100 hottest supermodels of all time Jessica Gomes she's No. 42 our Lovely Lady of the Day
Dumb Tweet of the Week
Jim Harbaugh was being hospitalized Brandon Jacobs tweeted

that you should "never work in a place where you hate your boss so much, you should always be happy at work. #YouLiveAndYouLearn"

When Pro Wrestling Characters Go Wrong
when Brutus Beefcake became "The Booty Man" 7-foot-7 Giant Gonzalez
Speaking of Former 7-7 Wrestlers
eed Jorge Gonzalez a third-round pick Here is an AP photo Mike Fratello
NBA Commercial of the Day
Tony Parker

Dogs on a Waterslide Video of the Day

Back to the Future Video of the Day
Back to the Future

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