June 20, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Artest Covers Keys
Alicia Keys :: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Via Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie comes news that Ron Artest has a new song out in which he freestyles over Alicia Keys' monster hit, No One. And quite frankly, we couldn't care less if it's good or bad. We're just happy Artest did it, so it gave us an excuse to run this photo of the very underrated Keys. Here's a direct link to the tune, which contains strong language.

Surviving Without Woods
Parade Photos

Clubhouse Cancer has some great shots of Celtics forward Glen "Big Baby Davis, who seems to really be enjoying his time as a champion. But the best picture we've seen from the parade is this "9 years old, 6 parades" shot, courtesy of Barstool Sports.

Whole Lotta Bull
Bull Durham :: Courtesy of Flatusyahu.com

SI.com recently celebrated Bull Durham's 20th anniversary by finding out what happened to Crash Davis, Annie Savoy and Nuke LaLoosh. Meanwhile, Flatusyahu.com wonders who would star in the film if it were remade today.

Vanity Plate Or Necessary Item?

We would imagine that everyone who drives a white Bronco would like to have this license plate.

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

A cheerleader getting hit with a lacrosse ball is not funny in any way, shape or form. But when some genius YouTuber puts music behind it and adds in some slow-motion replays, we can't help but laugh.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Recliner GM is looking at the best and worst NBA players to be drafted at spots 1 through 30 since 2000.

Bigger Is Always Better

First up, the biggest foosball table ever. Not to be outdone, the biggest Kit-Kat bar ever.

Headline Of The Day

Jason Meyer, of Arlington, Va., sends us this gem.

This Is How You Start The Weekend

By taking Mental Floss' Cheesy Rock Ballads Quiz. (Thanks to Charlie Goldberg, of New York, for sending us the link.)

Today In Campus Clicks
LSU Cheerleaders :: Bob Rosato/SI

Nine LSU facial expressions ... The problem with N.D. on NBC ... Kicking it with Super Models ... Gossip Girl videog game ... Video: Colbert on the cookie.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Mike, of, London, e-mailed to say: "Not sure if you have seen the below video but it is brilliant -- goes for a bit -- some four minutes, but worth it. Puts you in the mood for Saturday's big game!

Disturbing Commercial Of The Day

Matt, of Chicago, e-mailed to say: "This is the most disturbing car dealership commercial I have ever seen."

Classic Video Of The Day

Fox News at its finest.

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