December 23, 2010
Miller Time
Noureen DeWulf :: Toby Canham/Getty Images

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Programming note: This will be the only edition of Hot Clicks today. There will be one edition tomorrow, Christmas Eve. Then, Andy Gray will handle duties next week (and a little of the following week) while I spend my time losing money at the Borgata in Atlantic City, lamenting the lameness of New Year's Eve, watching betting every bowl game and returning the crappy Christmas gifts everyone has bought me.

Now onto the show...

Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who gained much attention during the Winter Olympics for his fine play, announced his engagement earlier this week to actress Noureen DeWulf. On the flip side, soccer star Landon Donovan has filed for divorce from his actress wife, Bianca Kajlich.

Rowdy Roddy
The Saints and Falcons meet Monday night in a crucial NFC South matchup. So, naturally, the teams are preparing by talking trash on Twitter, led by Atlanta wide receiver Roddy White.
This Wouldn't Happen Today has unearthed a letter that a fan wrote to the Cleveland Browns in 1974 about the dangers of fans throwing paper airplanes at games. The Browns wrote back to the fan and the response was outstanding.
Reason No. 65,207 Why The Pro Bowl Is A Joke
Terrell Suggs :: Geoff Burke/Getty Images
Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs doesn't like Tom Brady, so he left Brady off his Pro Bowl ballot while giving the nod to the Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Very Creative
Since the Jets are playing the Bears this Sunday, the Chicago Tribune had some fun today with the Rex Ryan foot fetish story that everyone is going crazy about.
Important Reminder
Eric, of Aurora, Ill., says, "Hey Jimmy, long-time reader and like all of Hot Clicks Nation, I'm a big fan of Jaime Edmondson. I was looking at the voting options and wanted to ask if you could put out a request for Hot Clicks Nation to vote for the Don Beebe play. Don is my uncle and I think it would be rather funny to share that picture around at a family gathering." It's hard to argue with logic like this, so everyone should click here and vote for Don Beebe.
Cheap Plug
If you missed my latest Q&A with Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson, you absolutely should read it right now.
Sports Video Of The Day
Idaho State's Kamil Gawrzydek unleashed one of the craziest free throws you'll ever see on Tuesday. (Thanks to reader Dan C., for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day, No. 2
The Wizards Andray Blatche unleashed one of the worst dunk attempts you'll ever see last night.

Viral Video Of The Day
Here is a retrospective of the best viral videos of 2010.

Christmas Video Of The Day
The Victoria's Secret Angels would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.

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