November 10, 2009
By Andy Gray
One Bright Spot For The Knicks
Sabina Gadecki
Sabina Gadecki :: Courtesy of
Jimmy is out today celebrating the six-day anniversary of the Yankees' World Series victory. Unfortunately for Jimmy, he now has to turn his attention to another, less successful New York franchise. I am talking about the Knicks, who are off to a brutal start (1-7) and still holding out hope that LeBron James will join their team next year. But what about this year and the Knicks fans who are paying anywhere from $90 to $3,000 a ticket to watch these lovable losers? Well, they can look at Sabina Gadecki, the host of World Poker Tour and girlfriend of David Lee.
The Jordan Pumps

Since Michael Jordan laced up his first pair of signature Nikes in 1984, the Air Jordan brand has become one of the most successful in history. That being said, there is no way these new Gucci Air Jordan high heels catch on, is there?

Ickey Shuffle And More Touchdowns Celebrations

I came across this collection of funny touchdown celebrations and couldn't help but reflect back to my youth and a little dance known as the Ickey Shuffle. I went to YouTube and came across this gem of a now-overweight Woods recreating the classic dance at a charity basketball game last February. I don't know how much influence Hot Clicks really has, but if Chad Ochocinco recreated this dance after a TD before the end of the season, the world would be a better place.

Paying Tribute To The Mustache
Keith Hernandez and Rollie Fingers
Keith Hernandez and Rollie Fingers :: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI; AP

When it comes to fashion trends of the '70s and '80s, nothing beat the mustache. As a young Keith Hernandez and Rollie Fingers demonstrate in the above photo, it was once a must-have look among big leaguers. Blue Jay Hunter has a two-part look at the best mustaches in baseball history (here is Part 1 and Part 2).

White Owl Gets Wings Clipped

Some people will look back at the biggest upsets in 2008 and mention the Giants stunning the Patriots in the Super Bowl or Tampa Bay beating out the Red Sox and Yankees in the AL East. For my money, nothing was more shocking than the engagement of Kansas' 61-year-old superfan "The White Owl" to an attractive, 22-year-old former Kansas student. Well, I'm sad to report that not only did the wedding never happen, but the White Owl is now in jail after allegedly violating a protection order filed by his ex-fiancee and not showing up to court for a hearing.

Random Links

The seven top moments in ball boy history. ... It appears that Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith. ... I wouldn't mind living in Tiger Woods' new mansion. ... Kelly Kapowski is expecting a baby. ... Joey Chestnut is the meatball-eating champion of the world.

More Links On Twitter And Facebook

When I am not filling in on Hot Clicks, I run SI's online archive, better known as The Vault. If you like seeing great old sports photos, such as this 1985 shot of Charles Barkley alone in a movie theater, or this 1983 picture of John Elway relaxing in his Stanford dorm room, I suggest you follow the SI Vault on Twitter. If you miss Jimmy, you can follow him on Twitter or join the Hot Clicks Facebook group for more links and videos that don't make Hot Clicks.

Kareem Video Of The Day
In honor of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is being treated for a rare form of leukemia, here's a scene from Airplane starring the Hall of Fame center.
TV/Movie Mix Video Of The Day
This is a pretty catchy mix featuring famous lines from TV and movies.
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