September 20, 2010
Samantha Sarcinella :: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I'll get to football in a second, but I need to get this out of the way first: Last week, I received a steady stream of e-mails from readers informing me that NASCAR driver Kyle Busch has a fiancée, Samantha Sarcinella, who needs to be featured in Hot Clicks. Apparently, the duo are starring in a reality series. Anyway, those readers were right.
What The Helmet?
Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has struggled on the field for some time now, and things hit rock bottom last night. In a moment of anger, Jacobs tried to throw his helmet on the Giants sideline but it ended up in the stands. And the Colts fan who snatched it didn't want to give it back.
Fish Flop
Jacobs got competition for the day's most embarrassing moment from Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, who hurt himself while celebrating a play.
The Play -- And Story Of The Weekend
Charlie Gantt :: AP
By now you've seen the fake field goal that Michigan State used to beat Notre Dame in overtime Saturday night. Here's how things went in the stands during the play, which includes a nasty middle finger from a Fighting Irish fan. And in a twist right out of the movies, Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio suffered a mild heart attack after the game, but is doing well after surgery.
College Round-Up
Signs from College GameDay at Auburn. ... ESPN announcer Dave Pasch channeled his inner Chad Ochocinco for this call during the Arkansa-Georgia game. ... Clemson running back Jamie Harper had as good a catch as you'll ever see against Auburn.
Last week, Hot Clicks featured a video of someone doing a spot-on Lou Holtz impression. That prompted The Legend of Cecilio to compile 10 more stellar sports impressions.
Sports Video Of The Day
Randy Moss had the Patriots' lone highlight yesterday.

Wacky Goal Video Of The Day
Check out this goal by Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas from this past Saturday. (Thanks to Ross Schreck, of Lake City, Minn., and Mario Di Lorenzo, of Columbus, Ohio, for the video.)

Music Video Of The Day
This dude performs Taio Cruz's Dynatime using his voice for the lyrics (and instruments), and it ends up sounding exactly like the real version. (Thanks to Christian Madamba, of London, Ontario, for the tip.)

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