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With the WWE's Survivor Series taking place this Sunday and WWE 12 in stores on Tuesday, CM Punk joined the podcast (in person) to promote those events and talk about a variety of subject. To say Punk, a huge Cubs fan and a person who lives a straight-edge lifestyle, did not hold back his opinions on The Rock, Vince McMahon, The Miz, his near exit from the WWE and a slew of other topics would be an understatement. You can listen to the podcast (which contains strong language) below or download it here.

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Michael Jordan playing poker (or some other card game) looks exactly like you'd imagine Michael Jordan playing poker would look.
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Stephen Rappaport, of Boston, says, "Jimmy, you always do a solid job with the LLOD, but I need to point out that you haven't featured the super cute, super-hot Sara Jean Underwood in a long, long, time. Fix this, buddy." OK, I'll fix this. Sara Jean Underwood gets today's LLOD honors.
A New Hot Clicks Feature
If you follow Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette on Twitter, you know that there probably isn't a more entertaining athlete on the social media service. While he's played in only six of Phoenix's 17 games this season, the man known as BizNasty2point0 has more than 170,000 followers. Since you only get 140 characters to sum up your thoughts on Twitter, I thought it would be fun to check in with Bissonnette each week to have him expand on his best Tweets of the week. The goal is to do this in Hot Clicks each Thursday or Friday, depending on his schedule. Hopefully, you will enjoy BizNasty's unique and often humorous take on a variety of topics. To start following Bissonnette or to "chirp" him (as he likes to say) about any of his comments below, you can follow him here.

Tweet No. 1: "Hey @ShaneOBrien55, agree or disagree. The best part of the Presidents Cup is going to be Jason Day's wife. #Rocket" Besides Jason Day's wife, who are some of your favorite sports WAGs?

BizNasty: Sports Illustrated used to have the hottest couples in its Swimsuit issue. That's how I saw a lot of the wives. Can you guys bring that back? NASCAR drivers usually have smokin' hot wives. Jeff Gordon, especially. [Eds note: Bissonnette is referring to Ingrid Vandebosch, and this gallery.]

Tweet No. 2: Dear baby Jesus. 8lbs 6oz. Can I please get some ice time? Mile high club. #Tebowing on the plane. Why did you Tebow on the plane? How hard has the lack of playing time been for you?

BizNasty: We were in a plane, so I figured I was closer to God than most people, and I thought my message would get to him, but it hasn't yet. It's frustrating, but you have to stay positive. I know my role, but I think if I wasn't frustrated by not playing, that's when you have to worry. You've lost your edge and you don't care anymore. But I think if you stay positive and you're a good teammate, karma will take care of you.

Tweet No. 3: Just found out my sister got engaged and all I could think about are the potential bridesmaids. Congrats #MoreImportantly #HowsTheTalentNat? Two questions. One, what's the key to a wedding reception being fun? And, do you have any tips on what a guy can do to make sure he has fun with his date at a wedding?

Biz Nasty: Weddings need to be modernized. Traditional wedding are beautiful, but not necessarily fun, so you have to do something to spice it up. One of my buddies had a wedding this summer where you weren't allowed to cling your glass to get the the couple to kiss. You had to name songs that the band played instead. And if you missed it, you had to do something humiliating in front of everyone and if you answered right, the bride and groom kissed. My table went up and we missed the song so we had to do the human bicycle. As for a tip, don't bring a girl who's a big drinker. I brought a girl to a wedding this summer who thought she could keep up with the boys and the next thing you know it's 11:30 and I want to party some more and she's dropping a Mortal Kombat finishing look. I brought her home and she ended up puking all over my place. I put $200 bucks in a card for her so it cost me $400 bucks to bring a date. So in the morning, I gave her a toothbrush and told her to take care of her business because this isn't good.

Tweet No. 4: I've heard a lot of good things about the #Flyers ice girls this year and their new uniforms. Is it just hype? Or are they the real deal? The top three NHL Ice Girl squads are...?

BizNasty: I have to go with Anaheim at No. 1. I'd say No. 2 would be Dallas, for sure. Nashville is good, but I'm looking for someone to take a really good hold of third place. I've heard rumors that Philly could grab that spot with their new uniforms.

Tweet No. 5: This is what you look like when you stay up until 5am partying in Nashville the night before your NHL draft. Please explain that picture, and the hair.

BizNasty: I was late for the draft because I was up partying the night before, so I was scrambling to find my suit that morning, but it got stolen. I had a backup suit, but it was terrible. It was a "who shot the couch" blazer. It was awful. And I didn't have time to wet my hair, so I had to just go with the quaff.

Sports Video Of The Day
When your season is ruined two years in a row by your kicker, this is what ends up happening. (Thanks to Chad Margulius, of Vancouver, for the tip.)

Music Video Of The Day
People of Walmart went viral in 2009 and has well over a million views. Part 2 has just been released. (Thanks to Bill Brasky, of Topeka, Kan., for the video.)

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