April 19, 2010
Internet's Best New Trend: CGI Reenactments
Courtesy Adult Swim

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A couple of weeks ago, Hot Clicks told you the story of a dad taking his son to the bathroom at a White Sox game only to find a couple having sex in a stall. Well, just like the Tiger/Elin Woods/Thanksgiving Night brouhaha, we now have a CGI reenactment of what happened to that father and child.
Technical Difficulties
ESPN's NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay fought the touch screen and the touch screen won.
Speaking Of The NFL Draft...
These odds come courtesy of Bodog.com. The last two are not made up.

*Where will be Tim Tebow be selected in the 2010 NFL Draft?

Picks 1-29: 6/5
Picks 30-50: 1/2
Picks 51 or higher: 5/2

*What will Jimmy Clausen's draft position be in the 2010 NFL Draft?Over/Under: 9 1/2

*What will Colt McCoy's draft position be in the 2010 NFL Draft?Over/Under: 38 1/2

*Who will have more picks correct in their final mock draft?Don Banks: 5/7Peter King: Even

* Who will have more picks correct in their final mock draft?Mel Kiper Jr.: 4/5Todd McShay: Even
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Sara Santos :: CityFiles /Getty Images
Kevin, of New Orleans, says, "Lovely Lady of the Day nominee:Sara Santos. She's from Portugal, or is it heaven? Just Google "Sara Santos Maxim" and you'll see that she's not, uh, shy. Don't know how to link her to sports but I was watching ESPN when I saw her in the latest issue of Maxim." It would be impossible for me to ignore a request as creative as this one, so Santos must get LLOD honors.
The Dangers Of Taunting
This video shows that it's never a good idea to climb into the stands to taunt the opposing fans.
Fantastic Finishes
This list of the greatest NBA playoff buzzer-beaters of the past decade was more exciting than anything we saw this past weekend.
Galleries You May Be Interested In
About a billion of you e-mailed me a link to this gallery featuring Emmanuelle Chriqui (and others) last week. I have a feeling that might happen again with this gallery (via Esquire.com) of Mad Men star, Christina Hendricks, so I'm nipping it in the bud now.
Sports Video Of The Day
Ottawa Senators defenseman Andy Sutton was not happy with this reporter after losing to Pittsburgh last Friday.

Music Video Of The Day
This song reminisces about a time when the Bulls and Knicks were playoff rivals.

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