November 11, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Worst Uniform Ever
Sea Gals
Sea Gals :: Courtesy of is on a mission to determine the worst uniform ever. The list has been narrowed down to nine, one from each sport/category. As Uni Watch says, "Representing the National Football League, we have the Seattle Seahawks' lime/electric/snot/neon green alternate." While you may not like the Seahawks' attire, you can't argue with the excellent wardrobe choices sported by the Sea Gals. Yes, the Seahawks' cheerleaders are called the Sea Gals.
Speaking Of Uniforms...

Over the next three weeks, 10 college football teams will wear Nike "Pro Combat" uniforms. And, no, I have no idea what "Pro Combat" means.

Tony Takes It Off

Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez and his wife have posed nude for a PETA ad.

Writer's Remorse
Joakim Noah
Joakim Noah :: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

In 2007, Chicago Tribune writer Rick Morrissey wrote a column blasting the Chicago Bulls for selecting Joakim Noah. But now that Noah has shown he's far from a bust, Morrissey has manned up and made amends to Noah by eating his words (at the five-minute mark) from that column -- literally. (Thanks to Joe, of Chicago, for the link.)

This Could Be A Problem

Another sign that it may be time for Bobby Bowden to hang it up: He can't keep track of the score.

Men In Arms is looking at the NFL's 32 quarterbacks and finding their MLB pitcher equivalent.

My Bad

Monday's Hot Clicks led off with an item about Carrie Underwood, but I didn't link to any pics. This drew some very angry e-mails, so allow me to make up for my error.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Check out this Saudi soccer player scoring the fastest goal ever -- just two seconds into the match.
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