January 21, 2011
Heated Rivalry
Bears fan :: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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The hatred between the Packers and Bears is intense. ChicagoNow.com has put out a photo gallery titled "The Most Obnoxious Packers Fans in the World" and has done a feature on the "Top 5 Reasons It Would Suck To Be A Packers' Fan." Meanwhile, Packers fans are rallying behind the song, "The Bears Still Suck," and singing along to this Cheeseheads with Attitude (CWA) tune titled, "Cheesehead Baby," set to Beck's Loser.
Story Of The Day
Hot on the heels of Ted Williams comes Nathan Harrington, a homeless man who just won ESPN's fantasy football championship. His prize was a $3,500 gift card to Best Buy.
I Guess He Works Out
Herschel Walker is 48 years old. Herschel Walker is training for an MMA fight on Jan. 29. This is what Herschel Walker looks like.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Selita Ebanks :: Getty Images
Since we'll be seeing Selita Ebanks in this commercial all day again this Sunday during football, here's something to hold you over until then.
Tecmo Time
Here are eight Tecmo Bowl remakes of classic NFL playoff moments.
Sports Video Of The Day
This kid shows that you're never too young to like cheerleaders.

Mash-Up Of The Day
"Jersey Shore" + "To Catch a Predator" = This. Warning: Video contains strong language. (Thanks to Mark, of Philadelphia, for the video.)

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