June 26, 2008
Tale of the Tape
SI.com's Cory McCartney sizes up the former Lakers teammates.
Shaquille O'Neal
Kobe Bryant
Height, Weight
7-foot-1, 325 6-foot-6, 220
4 3
Head-To-Head Wins
3 2
'Rapping' Chops
The recent anti-Kobe freestyle, his own songs, and with the Fu-Schnickens K.O.B.E. with Tyra Banks and Thug Poet with 50 Cent
'Acting' Chops
Kazaam Moesha
The Diesel, Wilt Chamberneezy and on and on Black Mamba
Once Called The Other
"A clown" and "a punk" "Fat" and "out of shape"
2007 Earnings
$35,000,000 $35,490,625
Pull you over ... for now Speak multiple languages
Sneaker Wars
Payless' Dunkman brand but formerly Reebok Nike and formerly Adidas

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