April 21, 2010
NFL Draft Fever
Ndamukong Suh :: Stuart Ramson/SUBWAY Restaurants

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This is what the over-the-top hype has come to for the NFL Draft: On Tuesday Subway created a life-size bust of Ndamukong Suh made out of 1,000 slices of pepperoni. C.J. Spiller was also immortalized with a cured meat bust. You can see for yourself here and here.
Speaking Of The NFL Draft...
Comedy.com has posted six funny NFL Draft fan reaction videos.
It's All Good In The Hood
Few entities are as poorly run as Major League Baseball. The latest example of this is the controversy MLB created regarding a very, very, very important subject that is vital the game's existence: Joe Maddon's hoodie sweatshirt.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Sheridan Bovell :: Don Arnold/Getty Images
Do I know anything about Sheridan Bovell? No. Actually, let me correct that. I know one thing about Sheridan Bovell: she's a model who is deserving of LLOD honors.
Kickball League Kicked To The Curb
"When something is consistently showing a pattern of abusive language, public urination, nudity and disrespect for Park Rangers we don't have a choice, this thing was getting out of hand." That's a quote from John Karel, the director of Tower Grove Park in St. Louis on why he had to ban a kickball league from the confines. I STRONGLY recommend clicking on the link to the video provided within this story. I'd link to it myself, but I think I'd get in trouble.
Does He Realize He's Not A College Coach Anymore?
Pete Carroll has taken to Twitter today to give clues about who the Seahawks are going to draft tomorrow. And the clues are coming in the form of songs.
Just To Make You Laugh
A drunk guy at Coachella last week had some issues with his flip flops. (Thanks to Tyler from L.A., for the link.)
Music Video Of The Day
Here's a must-see version of AC/DC's Highway to Hell. (Thanks to Nick L., of Huston, Md., for the link.)

Hitler Spoof Video Of The Day
Hitler spoof videos have been a staple of Hot Clicks. However, the company behind the movie from which the footage is used has recently decided to pull several of the clips off of YouTube over copyright infringement. This, of course, has led to this video of Hitler ranting about the Hitler videos. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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