February 23, 2010
What A Sport!
Nude sledge race :: Stefan Simonsen/Getty Images

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Add this event to the Winter Olympics and maybe I'd consider watching. (More pics here.)
Speaking Of Nude People...
Former University of Michigan basketball player Dommanic Ingerson jumped into a lake sans clothes while being chased by police after he allegedly robbed two women. Yes, there are pics.
All About Hair
Jayson Werth's beard is so out of control that it even has a Facebook page. Meanwhile, Joe Mauer is sportin' a pornstache, while Jared Allen has threatened to "straighten my mullet and make it as trashy as possible," if he lands on the cover of Madden 11.
Food For Thought
Chocolate-covered bacon
Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks told you about a minor league baseball team asking fans to vote on which outrageous food item should be added to its menu. One of the items on the list was chocolate-covered bacon. Several of you wrote in to tell me that chocobacon is offered at many state fairs. And speaking of bacon, it's the perfect side dish when you're eating pancakes, which you might want to do today because IHOP is giving away FREE pancakes until 10 p.m. in honor of National Pancake Day.
Someone From ESPN In Trouble Again
Tony Kornheiser has been suspended from Pardon the Interruption for comments he made about Hannah Storm's SportsCenter outfits.
Speaking Of Sportscasters...
It's been a banner few days at Hot Clicks thanks to some great sportscaster videos. Friday's P.M. edition featured Golf Channel analyst Charlie Rymer choking up after Tiger Woods' speech. Friday's A.M. edition had a seven-minute clip of a sportscast filled with glitches. (By the way, the anchor of the broadcast, Matt Lorch, is on the air today at Boston's NBC affiliate.) And yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks brought you a sideline reporter for the ages. The common thing with all these clips: Each posting generates more and more e-mails to me about Boom Goes the Dynamite. MidwestSportsFan.com even has a tale of the tape between Boom Goes the Dynamite and Lorch.
Hotties Roundup
I've seen/received several links over the past few days about several women who are major favorites of Hot Clicks Nation, so I'm dumping them all here. Bar Refaeli rocks a bikini and a UCLA Bruins hat. ... Miranda Kerr is perfection. ... Mila Kunis gets more attractive every day. ... Abbey Clancy is promoting the iPad. ... Last, but certainly not least, Minka Kelly attended some premiere last night.
Win A Brooklyn Decker-Signed Swimsuit Issue
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Sports Video Of The Day
A ball getting kicked into a ref's groin is always funnier when someone adds music and replays to the video.

Awesome Kid Video Of The Day
I would never ask you to sit through a rendition of Boom Boom Pow unless it was worth it, so trust me on this. Tucker Haas was diagnosed with cancer when he was 2. He's been cancer-free now for almost three years. He performed the song at Penn State's recent THON charity event, which raises money to help fight childhood cancer.

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