May 19, 2010
Kobe Vs. Kobe
Sofia Vergara :: Frazer Harrison/AMA2009/Getty Images for DCP

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While Kobe Bryant takes on the Suns at 9 p.m. ET on TNT tonight, he'll also be appearing on ABC at that same time as a guest star on the season finale of the simply awesome Modern Family. If you don't watch this show, I strongly suggest you catch up over the summer. You won't be disappointed. How could it be when it stars Sofia Vergara?
Worst Person Of The Day
During last night's Celtics-Magic game, a fan was heckling referee Joe Derosa. Derosa responded by tossing the ball at the fan, who immediately tossed it back. Derosa, then pulled a bush league move and had the fan ejected.
Sex Sells
As points out, it seems that ESPN's latest World Cup commercials imply that the tournament will act as some sort of aphrodisiac.
Wonder Wall
John Wall :: Andy Lyons/Getty Images
The best part of the Wizards getting the No. 1 pick (presumably John Wall) of the upcoming NBA draft? This photo of team owner Irene Pollin.
We All Have Our Quirks
According to the New York Post, boxer Floyd Mayweather doesn't travel without A1 Steaksauce.
Explaining The Unexplainable
If you watch Lost and like the NBA, check this out.
Sports Video Of The Day
Usually, Hot Clicks features videos of announcers screaming and yelling and going crazy. The video below is sort of the opposite of that.

Improv Video Of The Day?
A group of pranksters recently reenacted a scene from Ghostbusters -- in the New York Public Library.(Thanks to Josh Chinn, of Bellevue, Wash., for the link.)

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