April 11, 2011
Celtics-Heat :: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

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A mini-scuffle broke out during Sunday's Celtics-Heat game. The highlight (actually, make that lowlight) was LeBron James throwing the ball at Jermaine O'Neal's back.
Making The Most Of A Rainout
The Rangers and Orioles were rained out Friday night. Several Texas players took advantage of the conditions and performed the underrated Tarp Slide. (Thanks to @str8edgeracer for the video.)
Tom's Tears
No, Tom Brady wasn't watching the video of him dancing at Carnival last month when he recently broke down in tears. He was recalling how tough it was to wait until the sixth round of the 2000 draft to get selected.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Sophie Horn :: Steve Read
With apologies to Charl Schwartzel, who won the Masters yesterday, Hot Clicks is going to focus on a different golfer. The Smoking Jacket has posted an interview ( and photo gallery) with Sophie Horn.
Just Another Day At The Ballpark
One of the early storylines from the baseball season -- at least from some media members who seem obsessed with attendance numbers -- has been the amount of empty seats at ballparks. For some reason, people can't grasp the concept that ridiculous prices for things like parking and concessions combined with bad April weather keep people away. In my opinion, there's another reason people are hesitant to take in a game -- people at games behave like animals. I'd be willing to bet there are plenty of moms and dads out there who want to take their kids to a game but think twice about it because of incidents such as this one: cops beating and tasing a fan who was intoxicated and using bad language at Saturday's Pirates game, as onlookers chanted "U-S-A" as if they were at an '80s WWF match involving the Iron Shiek. Oh, and if you need more proof that fan behavior at games is as disturbing as ever, check this out. (Thanks to Mike, of Jackson, Miss., for the link.)
Random Links
Rays manager Joe Maddon ejected the umpires yesterday. ... Nuggets guard Ty Lawson hit 10 straight three-pointers last night. ... Fox's Joe Buck had a very rough Saturday afternoon.
Attention, Shoppers
Since short-sleeved weather is just about here in the East, you might want to invest in some of the gems on this list of 10 creative and unusual T-shirts. (Thanks to William Lai, of Chicago, for the link.)
The Hot Clicks Podcast
Astros outfielder Hunter Pence joined me for a chat in which we talked very little about baseball and a lot about fun stuff. You can listen to it and/or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes via this link, or use the player below.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Soccer player trips over ball, and scores goal. (Thanks to Guillaume, of Paris, for the link.)

Food Shopping Video Of The Day
This would have been better if there were people in the store to see him pull this off.

Pie Fighting Video Of The Day
Via Buzzfeed.com comes video of Drake University students trying to set the Guinness World Record for the world'slargest custard pie fight.

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