March 17, 2010
St. Patrick
Patrick Ewing :: Ronald Modra/SI

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Jimmy has left the Hot Clicks building and will return in seven days. Until then, you're stuck with me, which isn't such a bad thing if you happen to like good-looking women, embarrassing photos of athletes and professional wrestling. Today, however, is St. Patrick's Day and who else should we lead off with but with a gallery of Patrick Ewing from his days at Georgetown.
More St. Patty's Day Links
For those who plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day but are stuck at work, here's a gallery of 50 hot redheads and a look at the Irish influence in sports. If Mr. Ewing didn't quench your thirst for famous Patricks, The "It's Always Sunny in Detroit" blog has a list of more athletes who share that name. And since that blog is named after one of my favorite TV shows (FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), here's a clip from the show I'm throwing in because it's a phenomenal show and more people should be watching it.
Bracket Madness
The annual NCAA Tournament is a chance for people to create brackets for other things besides basketball. This morning, Jimmy linked to a Best Beer Bracket, Best fast food bracket and Best rock song bracket. The Big Lead has a Culture bracket and everyone's favorite magazine - Sports Illustrated - had a swimsuit bracket. But for my money, nothing is more entertaining than this Seinfeld bracket and my personal favorite, David Puddy.
Lovely Lady of the Day
Nadine Coyle :: Getty Images
I figured it only makes sense to have someone Irish represented as today's Lovely Lady of the Day. Hot Clicks reader Mick from the UK made a passionate plea for Nadine Coyle, who is in an all-girls band called Girls Aloud. Mick also sent these pics, which was all the convincing I needed.
Can Hot Clicks Pick an SNL Host?
As most of you know, Betty White was such a hit in this Super Bowl commercial, an online campaign started to get her to host Saturday Night Live. The people's voices were heard and White is set to take charge of the May 8 episode of SNL. One of our readers, Chris Chapman, suggested we try and get some momentum toward an athlete hosting the show. Of course, this is nothing new as Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter are among the recent athlete/hosts. But Chris suggested Steve Nash, and after watching this video, I think he'd be the perfect choice. E-mail me your suggestions and we'll run the best on Friday.
Random Links
LeBron James picked his all-time NBA starting lineup ... Supermodels, then and now ... Nine weird green foods to try for St. Patrick's Day ... Jessica Simpson has a new reality show on VH1 and ratings were not too hot.
Vault Photo of the Day
When I'm not filling in for Jimmy, I run the SI Vault, which contains every story ever written in Sports Illustrated's 56-year history. I also have a Twitter feed where I like to post old photos of pro athletes such as 13-year-old Michael Jordan showing off his batting stroke, Jim Boeheim coaching Syracuse in a priceless '70s blazer as Rick Pitino looks on from the bench or even Mike Schmidt channelling Bob Marley. If you like sports, you should really follow the feed.
Sports Video Of The Day
Since it's St. Patrick's Day and no professional sports team has Irish roots like the Boston Celtics, here's one of the franchise's most famous plays -- Larry Bird's steal of Isiah Thomas' inbounds pass during the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals. Speaking of Isiah, his Florida International squad just finished its first season with a 7-25 record.

Tiger Woods Video Of The Day
South Park will tackle the Tiger Woods scandal tomorrow night. Here's a short preview.

Dog Playing Basketball Video Of The Day
He probably couldn't start for the Nets, but I can see him filling a 12th man role.

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