October 08, 2010
The Hot Clicks Celebrity NFL Picks Contest
Stacy Keibler :: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Huge Ravens fan (and the woman with the best legs on the planet), Stacy Keibler, goes head-to-head with me this week. My pathetic record through four weeks is 35-26. (By the way, this item also counts as today's Lovely Lady of the Day because when you have Stacy Keibler, you don't need anything else.)

Keibler Traina
Texans Texans
Bengals Bengals
Jaguars Bills
Colts Colts
Ravens Ravens
Panthers Bears
Packers Packers
Lions Lions
Falcons Browns
Saints Saints
Chargers Chargers
Cowboys Titans
Eagles Eagles
Jets Jets
Tat's A Problem
I'm just gonna copy and paste the headline from this must-see Hardball Talk story: Chicago woman sues over backwards White Sox tattoo.
Awesome Auto-Tune
Tigers rookie outfielder Casper Wells played in 36 games this season and hit .323 with four homers and 17 RBIs. He's been going back and forth on Twitter today with teammate Will Rhymes about Wells' T-Pain iPhone application. Rhymes demanded that Wells make a song and post it. Wells did and the result was pretty outstanding. (Thanks to Matt Totten of Detroit, for the tip.)
Important Information
As highlighted by Hot Clicks throughout the season, bizarre baseball injuries were all the rage in 2010, making this Injury Prevention Guide a must see for all ballplayers.
Bad Behavior 101
Now that Randy Moss has played (or acted) his way out of New England, Joe Sports Fan reminds athletes of the ways they can become a sports malcontent.
SI Vault Photo Of The Day
Check out Giants ace Tim Lincecum pitching at age 13.
I know a lot of you are disappointed that Jaime Edmondson Week here at Hot Clicks is over, but don't fear. You must check out Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks for some big news about one of Hot Clicks Nation's favorite women.
Sports Video Of The Day
Here's a fun video from the Long Beach State men's basketball team on how seriously they take practice. (Thanks Andrew, of Playa del Rey, Calif., for the video.)

Robbery Video Of The Day
This has to be fake.

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