By Andy Glockner
March 14, 2010
2010 NCAA Tournament Projection
In this bracket, the Midwest matches up with the West, the South with the East in the national semifinals.

Note: The top-four seeds in each region, starting with the No. 1 seeds, receive geographic preference when possible. An imbalance in high seeds between regions (e.g. if more than two top-four seeds are closest to the same subregional location) may force a protected seed into a secondary location. Thus, in the next couple weeks, shifts in seeding will alter which subregions fall into which regions.

* -- automatic qualifier

MIDWEST - Saint Louis
Oklahoma City
1 Kansas* (Big 12)
16 East Tennessee State* (Atlantic Sun)
8 Northern Iowa* (Missouri Valley)
9 Louisville
5 Richmond
12 Illinois
4 Vanderbilt
13 Houston* (Conference USA)
New Orleans
6 Butler* (Horizon)
11 St. Mary's (West Coast)
3 Pittsburgh
14 Sam Houston State* (Southland)
7 Texas
10 Washington* (Pac-10)
2 Duke* (ACC)
15 UC Santa Barbara* (Big West)
SOUTH - Houston
1 Syracuse
16 UA Pine Bluff (SWAC)/Winthrop* (Big South)
9 Florida State
New Orleans
5 Tennessee
12 Minnesota
4 Baylor
13 New Mexico State* (WAC)
6 Xavier
11 Cornell* (Ivy)
3 Villanova
14 Ohio* (MAC)
7 Missouri
10 Wake Forest
2 Ohio State
15 Morgan State* (MEAC)
WEST - Salt Lake City
1 West Virginia* (Big East)
16 Lehigh* (Patriot)
8 Oklahoma State
9 San Diego State* (Mountain West)
5 Maryland
12 California
4 Purdue
13 Murray State* (Ohio Valley)
San Jose
6 Michigan State
11 Utah State
3 New Mexico
14 Montana* (Big Sky)
Oklahoma City
7 Marquette
10 Old Dominion* (Colonial)
2 Kansas State
15 Vermont* (America East)
EAST- Syracuse
1 Kentucky* (SEC)
16 Robert Morris* (Northeast)
8 Notre Dame
9 Clemson
5 Texas A&M
12 Siena* (MAAC)
4 Wisconsin
13 Oakland* (Summit)
San Jose
11 Georgia Tech
3 Temple* (Atlantic 10)
14 Wofford* (SoCon)
7 Gonzaga
2 Georgetown
15 North Texas* (Sun Belt)

New multi-bid conference teams in: New Mexico State (auto), Houston (auto)
Multi-bid conference teams out: Florida, Virginia Tech

Also considered: Florida, Virginia Tech, Mississippi State, Seton Hall, William & Mary

**Midwest plays West and South plays East in the national semifinals.
**League winners are listed with their conference for clarity. Teams can be moved a seed line up or down to conform to bracketing rules.

Bids by conference: Big East (8); Big 12 (7); ACC and Big Ten (6), Mountain West (4); SEC and Atlantic 10 (3); West Coast, WAC, Conference USA and Pac-10 (2)

**This is the bracket as of 3 a.m. Sunday, although I?m still sifting through the last few teams in and out. It?s possible one or more teams could change, even if Kentucky and Ohio State win their finals.

**Louisville was a 10/11 border team that was pushed to a 9 instead of a 12 due to bracket conflicts.
**Marquette was a natural 8 that moved to a 7 because of bracket/venue conflicts.

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