March 09, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
In Case You Missed It
Suns Cheerleader
Suns cheerleader:: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

On Friday, published this Phoenix Suns cheerleaders photo gallery. You'll want to check it out. Oh, and the Dallas Star Ice Girls aren't too shabby, either.

Controversial Calhoun

People are still capitalizing on Jim Calhoun's newsworthy press conference from a couple of weeks ago. A vendor was distributing The Calhoun Crying Towel before the Huskies' game at Pitt on Saturday. Meanwhile, some UConn students showed off their creativity by creating one of those Coors Light press conference commercials, featuring themselves and coach Calhoun.

Sorry, Kid

If you're wearing a Cavaliers jersey, don't try to high five Paul Pierce, no matter how old you are.

Two Quizzes
SI Cover Jinx
SI Cover Jinx :: Walter Iooss, Jr./SI

Mental Floss has put together an interesting pair of quizzes. The first is a Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx quiz. The second is a Simpsons Guest Star quiz.

He Just Wanted To Help

Simon on Sports and The Angry T have you covered.

Friday Night Lights Exit

Scott Porter, whose last episode as Jason Street aired Friday, talks about his four-episode arc that just concluded.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Every time I see one of these Hitler videos, I say to myself "I'm not posting them anymore; they're played out." But then another new one comes out, I watch it and I laugh. Plus, this is about the only way I can handle reading/watching/listening to anything related to Terrell Owens. (Thanks to Jamie, of Pittsburgh, for the link.)

Live News Video Of The Day

This poor reporter didn't have a clue.

Recut Movie Trailer Of The Day.

You may think of When Harry Met Sally as a love story/chick flick, but this will change your mind. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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