October 28, 2010
The Dumbest Thing You'll Hear All Day
Rajon Rondo:: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NBA has put their time and energy to good use and have taken a stand against one of the most outrageous things in sports: The league has told all players they are no longer allowed to wear headbands upside down. Thank God for this important ruling.
Call Of The Day
Just click this, then sit back and enjoy.
Ladies And Gentleman... Newy Scruggs
That's the name of the anchor in this awesome report in which he gets very excited about Giants fans smoking weed. He also takes a cheap shot at New York, but his ignorance is forgiven.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Taylor Cole :: Maxim
Taylor Cole was given LLOD honor in early August, but since her new show, The Event has debuted, I've been bombarded with e-mails to feature her. Since she just did a new shoot for Maxim, this seems like a good time.
Breaking News
TheFightins.com has unmasked the man behind Brian Wilson's "The Machine."
Injury Of The Day
Via SI.com tennis producer Bryan Graham (follow him on Twitter), comes this nugget. Tennis star Andy Murray suffered a strained tendon in his right hand after as a result of playing too much PlayStation.
E-Mail Of The Day
Matt Vensel, of Baltimore, Md., says, "Jimmy, sorry for the shameless plug, but since you featured NFL cheerleaders in sexy Halloween costumes, you have to see this Ravens cheerleader in a hot dog costume at Sunday's Ravens-Bills game. All the other cheerleaders were sexy cowgirls and genies and things like that, and then there's a girl dressed as a sausage. What a head-scratcher."
Close Calls Video Of The Day
This is an old video with nearly five million YouTube views, but I've never had it in the Clicks and it's worth checking out. It features the luckiest people on earth.

Movie Spoilers Video Of The Day
Just in time for Halloween comes this video of 100 horror movie spoilers in five minutes.

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