February 18, 2010
Football Player Or Fashionista?
Terrell Owens :: Andy Kropa/Getty Images

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Terrell Owens is spending his offseason on the runway.
More Tiger Odds
In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, we told you about a sportsbook offering a bet on which phrase Tiger Woods says first tomorrow. BoDog.com has some prop bets of its own.

Will Tiger Woods' wife, Elin, be present at the press conference?
Yes -150
No +120

How many times will Tiger Woods say the word "sorry" during his statement?
Over/Under 5.5

Which word will Tiger Woods use the most during his statement (from these 3)?
Sorry 5/4
Family 3/2
Apologize 5/2

Will Tiger Woods wipe a tear from his face during his statement?
Yes +200
No -260

Will Tiger Woods specifically announce which tournament he will play in next?
Yes Even

Poll Of The Day
Mike, of Philadelphia, says, "My co-workers and I had an argument this morning that I hope you can help us settle. The question being debated: What is the cut-off age for wearing your team's jersey in public? My co-workers say 30, with a playoff berth being the exception to the rule. I say there is no cut-off. Can you run a poll to see what your readers think on this topic?"

Lovely Lady Of The Day
Cheryl Cole :: Ian Gavan/Getty Images
Paul, of Madison, Wis., says, "I'm sure you'll research this thoroughly but apparently soccer WAG Cheryl Cole has been spied without her wedding ring. While I feel bad for her, making her the Lovely Lady of the Day would undoubtedly boost her spirits."
Random Links
David Cunningham, of Martinsburg, W. Va., says, "Jimmy, last week you gave us a link to butter sculptures. This week, I bring you pancake art." ... Here are the 75 sexiest celebrity print ads of all time. ... Here are 14 ridiculous signs.
E-Mail Of The Day
Jason Jay, of Jersey Baby, says, "Hi, Jimmy, longtime follower, just wondering if you could help me out with something. I'm trying to get Rex Ryan to help me propose to my girlfriend. I started a Twitter feed to update my progress and even tell a little bit about our relationship, how we met and fell in love, etc. I know it's past Valentine's Day so mushy stuff is so last week, but any way you could help me get some more followers and hopefully make this happen? If there's any way you can pimp me out via a tweet or even a Hot Clicks shout-out, I'd really appreciate it. If you need more info, just check out the thread. My story's on it. Thanks, Jimmy!"
Wedding Video Of The Day
Don't get married near a windmill.

Gary Coleman Video Of The Day
What has happened to Arnold Jackson?

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