December 10, 2010
'Tis The Season
Houston Texans cheerleaders :: Greg Nelson/SI

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First off, my sympathies and condolences to anyone in Hot Clicks Nation who had the Colts -3 1/2 last night. You were done in by a vintage backdoor cover. To cheer you up and get everyone in the reading audience into the holiday spirit, here are some Houston Texans cheerleaders singing Santa Baby.
Speaking Of Last Night's Game...
"What a great football mind he has." "He's a phenomenal worker." "He's all about football." "This guy should be a coach." These are the quotes Matt Millen unleashed on the NFL Network viewing audience last night about ... wait for it... wait for it... RANDY MOSS. Yes, the same Randy Moss who is on his third team of the season and has a whopping total of 27 catches this year. Yeah, it's a total shocker Millen had zero success as GM of the Lions.
Let's Play The Feud
Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had some strong words for Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov. And by strong words, I mean he called him a name that I'd be happy to share with you, but would get fired by for doing so.
I Know His Potential Is Huge, But...
John Wall :: Andrew D. Bernstein
I'm far from knowledgeable about the memorabilia business, but isn't $7,500 for John Wall's first game-worn jersey a little steep?
Folks From Cleveland, Skip This Item
If you'd like to check out LeBron James' new $9 million dollar South Beach mansion, here you go.
Sports Video Of The Day
Check out Lee Corso's emotional speech at Thursday night's College Football Awards.

TV Mishap Video Of The Day
Via the always-entertaining TV blog, Warming Glow, comes this unbelievable mishap from CNN.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
Here is the latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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