October 10, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
The Random Red River Rivalry
It's hard to decide whether OU or Texas' fan base has the edge. :: AP

Sure, we could go coach by coach, player by player, scheme by scheme and try to figure out whether Texas or Oklahoma has the advantage for tomorrow's Red River Shootout. But NextRound suspects you all would rather see who's got the edge in the off-the-field matchups, like tailgating eye candy (Texas), awesome alums (Texas) and NFL alums (Texas). Don't worry, Sooner fans -- Oklahoma won some categories, too.

She's Flippin' Fantastic

Lusting after Olympic gymnasts can be dicey. Who knows if those prematurely stunted girls are 20 or 12? College gymnasts, though? Totally cool. OTR's listing the 10 hottest college gymnasts, and while you all know about Alicia Sacramone and Nastia Liukin, there are eight other ladies who make rosin look like the year's sexiest accessory.

The More Wins, The More Face Paint

Gone are the days of boring, text-only college football polls -- at least if Uncoached has anything to say about it. The site's decided to simultaneously spice-up our poll-reading and give college football's best fans their due by pairing each top 15 school with a whacky fan shot.

Now Shooting in Tucson
Lute Olson and UA could give Lauren Conrad and 'The Hills' crew a run for their money. :: AP

We've got some good news: You can stop associating Arizona's basketball program with Lute Olson's tuft of white hair and start associating it with Lauren Conrad's shiny golden locks. Storming the Floor says the Wildcats have so much drama, they're the NCAA's version of The Hills.

Let Torrie Keep You Trim

Good news, guys: Next time your girlfriend asks why you're constantly gawking at Torrie Wilson photos, you can tell her you're just learning how to ward off the freshman 15.

At Least We've Got Our Memories

Sure, it's been a down year for the Big Ten. Michigan stinks, Ohio State's only so-so and JoePa's coaching from the booth with a bum knee. But at least Big Ten fans can look at Drew Brees, Marion Barber, Plaxico Burress (at least before he got suspended) and the seven other best Big Ten alums in the NFL and feel something close to pride.

Everyone Wants Otis Around

Michigan State safety Otis Wiley is more than just a tackler. He's a talented tenor, politically attuned and ideal son-in-law material.


Kids, it's time to open your hearts and sharpen your pencils, because the SIOC Mailbag is back. So send in your questions on college sports and college life and we'll pen insightful, moving and witty responses to help you see the light.

Pop Culture Nugget

TMZ's having a hard time telling the difference between the real Zac Efron and the wax figure.

Today In Hot Clicks
Brittny Gastineau :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Most attractive daughters of sports figures ... Sports platforms Obama, McCain should adopt ... Sager's Suits ... Halloween tips ... Cup follies ... Video: Silverman/Damon spoof ... Banned ad.

Odds and Ends

Enter our Stadium Song competition ... LSU student plans to participate in world beard competition ... College kids are turning free student tickets into lucrative businesses ... Was this the biggest comeback in NCAA history?

Blasphemous Bulldogs

Turns out the Georgia Bulldogs actually like when Tennessee fans come into their stadium and sing Rocky Top.

It's Quiet Hours

If you've ever wondered what it would be like if all the RA's in one dorm were accidentally assigned to the same floor, wonder no longer.

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