August 15, 2011
Here We Go Again
LeBron James :: AP

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The last time LeBron James was dunked on during a friendly game and video leaked, he tried to get the tape confiscated and caused a big uproar. Well, during a tour of Asia last week, some kid picked LeBron's pocket and dunked on him during a game. And the video has leaked!
The Flip Side
In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, I pointed out a weak call during the Arena League championship game over the weekend. Here's a case of someone giving it his all. Soccer announcer Ray Hudson lets out a massive sound of euphoria followed by an eloquent riff on what he just saw.
Random Links
Check out IndyCar driver Will Power flipping a double bird during the weekend. ... USC freshman offensive lineman Cyrus Hobbi recently did the "Party Boy dance" from Jackass in front of his teammates. .... Roger Federer is Das Ass.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Tiffany Toth :: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
Model Tiffany Toth gets today's LLOD honors.
First He Loses A Sitcom, Now This
Charlie Sheen took batting practice with the Diamondbacks on Sunday. He ended up with a ruptured ulnar nerve in his elbow.
There's A World Record For Everything...
Including the most people taking a shower together.
Sports Video Of The Day
Via Puck Daddy comes the worst hockey fight you'll ever see. Check PD for all the details and while you're there, check out his post on a subject we touched in today's A.M. Hot Clicks, the Sheldon Souray-Kelly Kelly connection.

Bad PR Video Of The Day
Want to see a player not perform well on his image rehab tour? Check out this clip of Plaxico Burress' upcoming interview with Real Sports on HBO.

Music Video Of The Day
This is as bad as it gets. And it features a cameo by Mavericks guard Jason Terry at the end. (Thanks to Matthew Robins, of Chicago, for the link.)

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