October 17, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Movin' On Up
Kristin Cavallari :: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

We love Kristin Cavallari. Sure, she hardly qualifies as a celebrity, and sure, her only claim to fame is being on Laguna Beach, but we don't care. We love her. What sucks for us, though, is everyone from a reality show does all they can to extend their 15 minutes of fame, but not Kristin. She seems like the one reality "star" who's content on not doing any more reality shows, which is our loss. Where is all this embarrassing rambling leading? Oh yeah -- The Top 10 Girlfriend Upgrades of Pro Athletes, which includes Matt Leinart going from Paris Hilton to our Kristin.

The Question Of The Day

How many Red Sox fans missed last night's amazing comeback? The Sporting Blog has the answer.

Tat's Awful

The Max wants to know who you think has the worst sports tattoo. We've posted many items about bad tattoos before, but this post definitely had a few we've never seen before.

Here's Why Our Pic Isn't At The Top Of Hot Clicks

Joe Sports Fan examines The Art of The Sports Columnist Photo. Unfortunately, our good friend Andrew Perloff (who works on the Dan Patrick show) didn't make the cut. By looking at Perloff's mug shot, you'd think he was some indie-music loving guy who's intellect was impressive. But then you read his take and that theory goes out the window.

Follow Up Items

Thursday, we featured soccer WAG Danielle Lloyd in Hot Clicks. Well, Danielle has started her own modeling agency. Wednesday, we featured UFC's Rachelle Leah. Here are some words from Rachelle. By thew way, both links contain several photos, which is really all you're interested in. Lastly, we told you earlier this week that Hot Clicks was nominated for two Blogscars Awards. We won both, and we thank all of you who voted for us.


Here's why we love doing Hot Clicks -- we never know what to expect from you guys. Yesterday's video about the Snuggie generated more e-mail to us than the time we said John Mayer may have dated hotter women than Derek Jeter. In fact, we almost got as many e-mails about the Snuggie as when Leryn Franco's recent exposed-body-parts photos hit the 'net. Unfortunately, we got so many e-mails about the Snuggie that we didn't have time to compile them in time for today's Clicks. But we'll have a full report for you on Monday or Tuesday. And not only will we have a report, but we expect to have some photos of Hot Clicks readers wearing the Snuggie. Yes, a good amount of you actually own the Snuggie.

Good Time Killer

For those of you looking for fun podcasts to help you get through the work day, check out The Solid Verbal Podcast, which features SI On Campus Tour Guy, Dan Rubenstein. You should especially check it out this week, because the guest is SI's college football guru, Stewart Mandel. We strongly suggest you listen to Stew, who happens to be It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's No. 1 fan. We've gone with some of his upset specials this year and we have a profit where it counts because of that.

Random Links

Alpesh Bhobe, of San Francisco, sent us a link that every beer drinker will be interested in. ... Speaking of beer, an English Premier soccer team knows how to fix its low attendance problem -- give away free beer. ... Here are your Week 7 Survivor/Knockout Pool tips. ... Who wants a nude tennis lesson from Andy Roddick?

Halloween Is Two Weeks Away

Last Friday, we discussed Halloween costumes for sports fans. Well, Jenn Bowen, of Richland, Wash., wrote in to say "Hey, you're talking about Halloween costumes for the boys. What about for us girls. We've got this post up with ideas on our site right now. Check it out!" We checked it out and we think the guys, as well as the girls, should check it out.

Calling All Seth Rogen Fans

We'll be interviewing the star of the upcoming flick, Zack and Miri Make a Porno this weekend. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask Seth, submit them in the form below. In the meantime, here's a look at college football teams as Seth Rogen movie characters.

Get More On Facebook

For a story about a women's soccer player joining the adult film industry, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks
Bob Knight and his temper may come back to scare us. :: AP/Darren Carroll, Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Bob Knight plotting a comeback ... Sportswriter offers tips ... College teams that have killed bettors ... Northwestern turns to royalty ... Video: Tyrell Sutton's favorite things.

Sports Video Of The Day

Losing to the Phillies was just one problem for this Dodgers fan. (Thanks to Dylan, of Cincinnati, for the link.)

Disturbing Commercial Of The Day
John F. McKenzie, of Charlotte, N.C., sent us this look at a doll no child should own.
Music Video Of The Day
What would happen if your favorite songs skipped the B.S. and got right to the point? (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
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