May 29, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Rock Bottom
Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson

Let me preface this by saying I have nothing against hockey. I don't hate hockey. I don't have an issue with anyone who's a huge hockey fan. I even think this NHL playoff awards piece is very funny. However, I have to point out that the sport has hit a new low in terms of how it's being treated. Everyone thought things were bad when the NHL had to go to Versus. But the latest occurrence is much worse. The Stanley Cup Finals -- let me repeat, THE STANLEY CUP FINALS -- have been bumped from NBC during the upcoming week because the network doesn't want to tamper with this prime-time lineup. (Games 1 and 2 will air on NBC this Saturday and Sunday.) What does next week's prime-time lineup consist of? Five straight nights of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Granted, the show features Torrie Wilson, but is there any doubt it will be a huge flop? I'll watch pretty much anything, and even I wouldn't be caught dead watching this debacle...

However, This Debacle Is Awesome

One of the other "celebrities" who will be on the reality show mentioned above is former Detroit Pistons Bad Boy, John Salley, who recently went on Good Day L.A. to promote his role. But the appearance became awfully tense when one of the hosts asked the married Salley about his girlfriends.

Back To The Stanley Cup...

Here are the Top 10 Iconic Trophies in sports.

Someone Finally Outspends The Yankees
Jay Z, Alex Rodriguez
Jay Z, Alex Rodriguez :: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images
Several Yankees, including Alex Rodriguez, watched LeBron James put on a show Thursday night. A-Rod also found time to share a laugh with Jay Z, who, thanks to the new 'do, bears a striking resemblance to Dwight Gooden circa 1986. But things haven't been all fun and games for the Bombers while in Cleveland to take on the Indians this weekend. The team was kicked out of the Ritz Carlton it normally stays in because a Saudi Arabian princess is in town and booked the entire hotel to accommodate her group of handlers.
Sport Or Not A Sport? That Is The Question

You may have seen or heard a thing or two about Thursday night's spelling bee. The spelling bee, like the hot dog eating contest, is now covered by sports outlets. The only thing is neither is a sport. Here's a list of other things that are not sports, despite the coverage they may get.

Not Backing Down

Yesterday, Hot Clicks told you about Fran Tarkenton taking some shots at Brett Favre. Well, the former Minnesota Vikings QB isn't backing down, even after getting chastised by Favre's fan club, I mean, the media.

Random Links

As of this writing, Matt Wieters has yet to have a Major League at-bat, but Drew, of Washington D.C., let's us know that is already up and running. ... Cardinals catcher, Jason LaRue, almost got taken out by some wieners the other day. ... The person behind the "Vote For Manny" movement has posted a thorough explanation of his motives. And Hot Clicks still wants everyone to vote for Manny.

Podcasts, Twitter And Facebook, Oh My!

If you'd like to hear me ramble on even more about Erin Andrews, the Yankees and Twitter, check out this Fanhouse Podcast I appeared on Thursday night. Of course, you can always just follow me on Twitter for those things. And if you want more links, join the Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

Back on April 22, Hot Clicks posted the brilliant Cleveland Tourism video that's since made the rounds. Well, TNT jumped on the bandwagon and had the video's creator, Mike Polk, make a version of the song for it's NBA studio crew.

Acrobatic Video Of The Day

Yesterday, Hot Clicks featured an unbelievable video of a guy doing flips and other acrobatic moves. Here's something similar, with these folks combining basketball, football and gym moves into one. (Thanks to Frank, of Zurich, Switzerland, for the link.)

Bad Commercial Of The Day

Even Batman couldn't save this one. (Thanks to Scott Montgomery, of Tucson, Ariz., for the link.)

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