July 26, 2010
Rise Up
Samuel L. Jackson:: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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I'm ready to become a Falcons fan after watching Samuel L. Jackson and a choir implore Atlanta fans to rise up.
Enforcers In Training
Obviously, no sane individual would condone violence among young children. But there is something precious about this video of two kids attempting to go at it during a pee wee hockey game.
Intriguing Instrument
John Fogerty sang his classic hit, Centerfield, at the Hall of Fame ceremonies on Sunday. But the coolest thing about the performance was his baseball bat guitar.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
I don't know anything about the Tour de France, so I'm calling on Hot Clicks Nation to help me out. For the past few weeks, I've been getting a steady stream of e-mails telling me I need to make "Holly" the LLOD. The problem is that I don't know Holly's last name and I can't find any information about her. All I know, via readers' e-mails, is that she hosts a daily Tour de France show and all the video can be found here. Oh, and she's kinda good looking.
Summer Programming
In case you missed it over the weekend, men's Slo-Pitch Softball somehow made its way on to TV. Joe Sports Fan has a photo essay on this development.
SI Vault Photo Of The Day
Twins reliever Jon Rauch has the date of his wedding (in Roman numerals) tattooed on his back.
Sports Video Of The Day
Via Deadspin.com comes the most surreal frisbee catch you'll ever see.

Near Misses Video Of The Day
CollegeHumor.com has put together the ultimate near-miss compilation video.

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