September 21, 2012
Top 10 Parody Accounts on Twitter
Is parody the sincerest form of flattery? We think it's right up there, especially on Twitter where there's been an explosion of parody accounts. Few subjects are better for mocking than sports, whether poking fun at Walt Frazier's unique vocabulary, Bill Walton's verbal gyrations or Peyton Manning's head. Who among us can't benefit from the wit and wisdom of a 19th century pitcher such as Old Hoss Rabourn or the pop psychology of Emo Chris Bosh? And we haven't even begun to mention the various body parts of athletes and coaches who have their own account. On a daily basis, these feeds always bring us laughter. Here are SI's Top 10 in the field.
1 The Bill Walton Trip (@NotBillWalton)
Wit and tie-dyed old-school sports wisdom inspired by The Grateful Dead-loving basketball legend.

Sample tweet: "Jay Cutler takes more sacks than a traveling band of train jumping hobos during the Depression in the 1930s. Good gracious!"
2 Peyton's Head (@PeytonsHead)
This Manning is a 140-character killer of athletes across all sports.

Sample tweet: "Hey Brian Orakpo, maybe one of these days you'll be in a commercial where they don't have to tell people who you are or who you play for."
3 Emo Chris Bosh (@EmoChrisBosh)
Dedicated to the difficulty of being Chris Bosh in a world of Lebrons and D-Wades.

Sample tweet: "Asked LeBron if he saw Stonehenge while in England. He said if he wanted to see something prehistoric, he'd get an x-ray of my fossils."
4 Faux John Madden (@FauxJohnMadden)
Pitch-perfect mocking of the famed NFL broadcaster and pitchman.

Sample tweet: "If the Packers are able to score more points than the Bears tonight, I think they will win the football game."
5 Not Roger Federer (@PseudoFed)
The real Roger Federer is a classy and humble champion. This feed? Not so humble.

Sample tweet: "UK fans telling Me Sky Sports are showing a documentary of Me again after showing 1 yesterday. Very appropriate. Thank you #SkySports - #BFF"
6 (Not) Walt Frazier (@Not WaltFrazier)
Fictitious yet prodigious Twitter stylings in homage of the famed swishing and dishing, wheeling and dealing Knicks legend (and broadcaster)."

Sample tweet: "Congrats to Miami! Enjoy your night of Ed Hardy wearin' and tough guy starin'! Bro-huggin' and bottle service chuggin'!"
7 Old Hoss Rabourn (@OldHossRadbourn)
Wit and wisdom well beyond baseball from the self-proclaimed pitching deity and dapper gent.

Sample tweet: "Mr. Kruk, you neither speak coherently nor present cogent analysis. Please accept this position providing analysis."
8 Coach Qs Mustache (@CoachQsMustache)
We might not see the NHL this season but the magnificent mustache inspired by the coach of the Blackhawks will not be locked out on social media.

Sample tweet: "When NHL rumors fly, I play possum. It bugs Coach, mainly because the tail on the possum costume tickles his nose."
9 The Fake ESPN (@TheFakeESPN)
The Skinny: The Worldwide Twitter Leader in fake headlines, bad catch phrases, and mocking sports news.

Sample tweet: "Cowboys cut Dez Bryant's list of 75 rules down to 53."
10 Happy Gilmore (@_Happy_Gilmore)
The Skinny: Inspired by Adam Sandler's hockey-player-turned-championship golfer, this Happy attacks everyone as if they were Shooter McGavin.

Sample tweet: "Chris Johnson says he can run the 40 in under 4 secs. Lindsay Lohan says she can drink one in 3."

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