August 05, 2011
Unintentionally Dirty Bonanza
Shaquille O'Neal, Danny Ferry :: Getty Images

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If you've been reading Hot Clicks over the past week, we've had some fun with unintentionally dirty photos from the sports world. Of course, this means my inbox is now loaded with submissions. So, since this is a summer Friday, and I want to make my parents proud and put my college education to good use, I'm going to scrap the usual format and give you (as you can see by the photo of Shaquille O'Neal taking advantage of Danny Ferry) a "Nothing But Unintentionally Dirty Photos/Videos" edition.

1. Sean, of Toronto, Larry Jardine, of Meriden, Conn., and Jason, of Ottawa, all sent in the grand daddy of all unintentionally dirty photos -- golfer Cristie Kerr at the 2002 LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge. Here are other entries:

2. Chris, of Chicago, says, this shot of Don Nelson and then-Golden State guard Stephen Jackson is his favorite.

3. Micah Traurig, of Frederick, Md., sends a link to a classic Phil Mickelson picture and a compromising shot of Thierry Henry and David Beckham.

4. Tyler Stafford, of Bloomington, Ill., submits this GIF of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.

5. Aaron, of Indiana, says, "Thought I would send you a link to this dirty photo of Jim Edmonds from a couple years ago."

6. Tim C., of Fairfax Station, Va., says, "Us Jay Cutler haters call this a 'happy ending.'"

7. Chuck, of San Luis Obispo, Calif., submits a shot of Lleyton Hewitt spanking Tim Henman.

8. Paul T., of Washington, says, "Jimmy, this isn't the typical unintentionally dirty photo in that the two people aren't in a comprising position. But their jerseys are."

9. Phillip, of Salem, N.C., asks, "This seems a little aggressive, no?"

10. Ricky, of Columbus, Ohio, says, "All I can think of when I see this picture is Bill Raftery screaming, WITH THE KISS!"

11. Lewis Carpozzi, of New York, says, "Jimmy, it doesn't get more dirty than a head inside a butt."

12. Tony, of Chicago, says, "Jimmy, I think this guy taking a picture of Derrick Rose's rear end is just dirty, not unintentionally dirty. You decide."

13. Randy Taylor, of Chicago, says, "This picture perfectly sums up Rex Grossman's career."

14. Richard, of Seattle, sends in this shot of Russell Martin and Robinson Cano.

15. Mike Brown, of Toronto, says, "If you're still working on some unintentionally dirty photos, I suggest you go with this photo of Sam Cassell getting a pregame reach around."

BONUS. Lastly, for many, many more unintentionally dirty sports photos, check out Sporno.

Unintentionally Dirty Video Of The Day
Ian Maute, of Columbus, Ohio, says, "Unintenionally dirty video? This is my personal favorite: The Texas Tech bell ringer."

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