June 18, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Sports Sabbatical
Vanessa Marcil :: Courtesy of Maxim.com

We've just begun the slow season in sports. Yes, the U.S. Open kicks off today, but unless you're checking out the horrible pants golfers wear or the best fictional caddies, you really don't need to pay close attention until Sunday. Therefore, for one day only, this will be an all TV/movies/music/random stuff edition. Plus, this is a good way to bring you some must-see links that have been in my inbox for a little while. Let's kick things off with the 15 hottest prime-time soap opera show actresses of all time, which features all-time hottie Vanessa Marcil and personal favorite Blake Lively.

Top Tunes

Yesterday, Hot Clicks linked to a list of the most overexposed stadium anthems. Today, we bring you the flip side: the 10 most awesomely funny jock jams.

Recasting A Classic

America's White Boy (yes, that's the blog name) is recasting the movie Major League with current MLB players.

They Explained It Better Than I Ever Could
Entourage :: Ron Vesely/Getty Images
Loyal Hot Clicks readers know that I've taken some shots at Entourage from time to time. Well, this post by Warming Glow -- and the must-see video -- explains exactly why the show is so bad.
Is Your School Represented?

Last week, Hot Clicks told you about RedShirtFiles.com's search for the best college sports bar in America. Well, RSF has just announced the field of 16 and many big schools are represented.

Random Links

Mattress dominoes looks extremely cool. ... An underrated part of The Hangover -- Nathalie Fey. ... Here's something good for all of you Olivia Munn fans. ... The opening round of SFTSports.com's tournament to determine the hottest sports movie babe is under way.

What's Up With The Friday Night Light's Cast?

Adrianne Palicki has just been cast in the remake of Red Dawn. As for Minka Kelly, this news is a month old, but she's making a movie with Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester (can you say first-nighter!). And for the ladies, Taylor Kitsch has just been named one of People's most eligible bachelors, while Zach Gilford talks about Post Grad, which comes out in August.

Jessica Biel On Facebook

For the best Jessica Biel site on the 'Net, check out the Hot Clicks Facebook group. And follow me on Twitter for more links throughout the day.

Sports Video Of The Day
Via The Hoop Doctors comes video of Conan O'Brien giving Kobe Bryant a hard time about his "game face."
DVD Boxes Video Of The Day

The truth about DVDs. (Warning: Link contains strong language.) (Thanks to Kenton Arbuckle, of Port Elgin, Ontario, for the link.)

Live TV Video Of The Day

Clips of reporters getting bombarded never fail to generate a laugh. And you only need to watch the first 45 seconds. (Thanks to Sean, of Syracuse, N.Y., for the link.)

More Artie Lange Video Of The Day

Artie Lange went on Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's show yesterday to discuss his appearance on Joe Buck Live. The language is very, very rough. But Russo handled Lange much better than Buck did. The payoff here is at the 4:30 mark when Russo goes off on Michael Irvin.

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