December 03, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Tonight's Tremendous Television Lineup
Erin Heatherton :: Getty Images

There are three shows on tonight that could not possibly be more different than each other, but all three serve a purpose and deserve to be watched. First up, at 8 p.m, for your feel-good holiday fix, is Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on CBS. Then, for those of you who have DirecTV, switch over to channel 101 at 9 p.m, for what is still the best show on TV, Friday Night Lights. Then go back to CBS at 10 p.m. to cap off your evening with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. A few pieces of information about all of this. One, Jorge, of Albuquerque, N.M., wrote in to say "Here's a link to the first episode of the new season of Friday Night Lights. I don't know if you've been watching it since it's impossible to find, but it's still just as great. You can get all of the rest of the episodes by just changing the numbers in the link." Two, In Game Now provides us with a photo guide for 28 of the Victoria's Secret models appearing in tonight's show; Cuzoogle gives us seven reasons why we should tune in to the show; and CoEd Magazine tells us how to "poke" a supermodel on Facebook. Lastly, the model above is Erin Heatherton, but we have no idea why she's being strangled by a blanket.

The "Sloppy Seconds" Suspension
You probably know by now that the Dallas Stars' Sean Avery has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL for saying "I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about, but enjoy the game tonight." (Video is here.) Avery was talking about the Calgary Flames' Dion Phaneuf, who is dating Avery's ex (and a recent Hot Clicks request) Elisha Cutbert. So since this story is gold for the sports blogosphere, we have links. First, has put together "A Pro Athlete's Guide To Sloppy Seconds." The Angry T is trying to figure out which of Avery's past girlfriends is the hottest. And weighs in with more Cuthbert and Rachel Hunter pics.
A Few Music Items

On Thanksgiving night, we got this e-mail from Jeff, of Madison, Wisc., "I never knew that the NFL's target audience was 7-year-old girls." It took us a minute to figure out what Jeff was talking about, but then we realized he must have been referencing the NFL's decision to unleash the Jonas Brothers on us at halftime of the Seahawks-Cowboys game. Things weren't much better in the Titans-Lions game, where Jesse McCartney was the halftime entertainment, which leads us to this very angry column. Meanwhile, the Wizards' Caron Butler has a must-see music playlist. Lastly, you gotta hear Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy belt out some Christmas carols.

Two Quizzes
Bowls, Polls & Tattered Souls put together this quick quiz to help determine which NFL quarterback you are. We're Matt Cassel, but we can't figure out if that's good or bad. Meanwhile, Mental Floss offers a tough quiz on athlete autobiographies. We couldn't use a photo of a book above because that would give you an answer, so we figured we'd give's college football writer Stewart Mandel a plug for his book, just out in paperback, Bowls, Polls & Tattered Souls, which is very relevant right now with the BCS in disarray.

Fashion Faux Pas

No Guts, No Glory takes a look at the 10 worst-dressed coaches in sports.

One More Fashion Note

When Plaxico Burress checked himself into the hospital after shooting himself, he used the name "Harris Smith." But don't try to buy a Harris Smith jersey on The NFL won't let you.

Today's Celebrity Calendar
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has a 2009 desktop calendar on sale. Things look cold in November.

A WAG For The Ages On Facebook

We've featured Adam Archuleta's girlfriend, Jennifer Walcott, a couple of times in Hot Clicks. We strongly suggest you check our Hot Clicks group on Facebook for more of her. Speaking of WAGs, is counting down the top 100 WAGs of 2009. Meanwhile, The Spoiler is counting down the 25 days of Christmas by using WAGs.

Campus Clicks
Would ND have preferred Urban Meyer or Brian Kelly to Charlie Weis? :: Icon SMI : Joe Robbins/Getty

Notre Dame settled for its third favorite coach? ... The best-looking college female athlete Final 4 ... Meet Seth Curry, Stephen's sharp-shooting bro ... Video: Scary Gator haters ritually burn a UF flag.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's a song about Plaxico Burress set to U2's With or Without You. When the opening line is "There's a bullet in your thigh..." how can you go wrong? When you're done watching that, check out this story about Burress' new promise.

Workout Video Of The Day

William, of Nashville, Tenn., sends us this educational video on how to mess with people at the gym.

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