August 01, 2008
Manny Being Manny
The Manny Ramirez trade saga, which ended on Thursday with a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers, caused a flurry of activity on the YouTube scene. Here are the highlights.
Watch for falling bats
As Manny leaves Fenway Park in this unedited footage, his buddy allows the most precious cargo -- Manny's bats! -- to hit the pavement.
What does Manny eat for breakfast?
Babies. He eats babies.
It's a beautiful day -- in L.A.
An early Dodgers fan tribute to Manny.
Fantasy Sports Girl
This is a little dated but we want to show it anywas because ... well, just because.
Red Sox Nation Reacts
Man on the street commentary on the trade.
Wicked Pissah
This guy has anger -- and gas -- issues. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE.

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