By Andy Staples
October 18, 2011

With Saturday's win at Texas, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy notched his 40th victory since his "I'm a man, I'm 40" rant went viral in 2007. In honor of Gundy's success -- seriously, the video has actually helped him recruit -- today's Power Rankings will toast the best in viral video.

If you needed any proof that I don't adjust the rankings to cram in a team that has a characteristic that perfectly fits the week's theme, look no further than this week's poll ballot. Had I been voting to the theme, I would have found room in the Top 25 to include Florida for this video and Georgia for this video. But that isn't how I operate. I may produce schticky rankings, but at least they're honest.

NCAA Football Power Rankings
1 LSU Tigers
Last Week: 1
LSU Tigers (7-0)
Les Miles: It must be the shoes: You're assuming I'm going with the viral video that inspired LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu's nickname, but this is a family Web site. (Except for Hot Clicks. Jimmy Traina can do what he wants because he has pictures of our bosses that probably would get great traffic on Hot Clicks.) If you want to see that video in all its cobra-munching glory, simply Google the phrase "honey badger." Besides, Mathieu's Heisman campaign took a hit last week because LSU's offense hogged the ball against Tennessee and wouldn't let the Tigers' defense back on the field to wreak more havoc. Auburn should provide more of a challenge this week. The Tigers from the Plains are getting better on offense, and it just feels like it's about time for a tighter game that requires a little Miles magic. Speaking of the magical Miles, check out the video he made on his summer vacation.
Last game: Beat Tennessee, 38-7
Next game: Saturday vs. Auburn

2 Alabama Crimson Tide
Last Week: 2
Inmates in the Philippines recreate Thriller: Rick Cleveland of the Jackson (Miss.) Clarion-Ledger noticed this astounding statistic while covering Alabama's throttling of Ole Miss on Saturday. Ole Miss took a 7-0 lead with a 72-yard drive on its first possession. By the time Ole Miss cracked 80 total yards, it was late in the third quarter and Alabama had built a 45-7 lead. Even against an overmatched opponent, it requires incredible discipline to hold an offense to eight yards for two and a half quarters. How much discipline? Probably the same amount of discipline required to make an entire yard full of inmates recreate a classic video without shanking one another.
Last game: Beat Ole Miss, 52-7
Next game: Saturday vs. Tennessee

3 Oklahoma Sooners
Last Week: 3
The Evolution of Dance: Few offenses are as adaptable as Oklahoma's, which can go from a hurry-up, wing it all over the field approach to smashmouth running when necessary. Quarterback Landry Jones can spread it around to Ryan Broyles, Kenny Stills and Jaz Reynolds, or super walk-on Dominique Whaley (5.5 yards per carry) can slam the ball between the tackles. If the Sooners could slip into the Wishbone, they might be as versatile as this guy.
Last game: Beat Kansas, 47-17
Next game: Saturday vs. Texas Tech

4 Wisconsin Badgers
Last Week: 4
Aries Spears: Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck proved earlier this month that he can throw, run and catch. Not to be outdone, Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson added "soft hands" to his own scouting report by catching a touchdown pass from tailback Montee Ball against Indiana this past Saturday. Heisman voters take note. Still, Wilson's Jerry Rice impression pales in comparison to the impressions of Aries Spears, who can cycle from LL Cool J to Snoop Dogg to DMX to Jay-Z in seconds.
Last game: Beat Indiana, 59-7
Next game: Saturday at Michigan State

5 Stanford Cardinal
Last Week: 5
Impossible Is Nothing: Attention, Stanford football players. Those of you who don't make it to the NFL will need to apply for jobs sometime soon. When you do, rely on the power of your Stanford degree and the wisdom you've accumulated in Palo Alto. Do not, under any circumstances, send anyone a video résumé like the one Aleksey Vayner sent while searching for an investment banking job a few years ago. Speaking of bad video, Washington will get to watch some video of the Cardinal playing a little sloppy in the first half this past weekend against Washington State. Andrew Luck's first pass was intercepted, and Stanford went into the half up 10-7. The Cardinal blew the doors off the Cougars in the second, but the Huskies will not be so kind if Stanford has another sluggish start.
Last game: Beat Washington State, 44-14
Next game: Saturday vs. Washington

6 Boise St. Broncos
Last Week: 6
Tay Zonday: Out of uniform, Kellen Moore doesn't look like an elite quarterback. He looks like the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite in all those movies in which he didn't play Napoleon Dynamite. On the field, Moore is virtually unstoppable. Say what you will about Boise State's schedule, but there are dozens of coaches across the country who would gladly trade their eyeball test-passing quarterback for Moore. So, in honor of a guy whose appearance belies his abilities, we give you Chocolate Rain.
Last game: Beat Colorado State, 63-13
Next game: Saturday vs. Air Force

7 Oklahoma St. Cowboys
Last Week: 7
Teach Me How To Gundy: Unless Miles makes a tetherball video next summer, no one will unseat Gundy as the king of college football viral videos. After it was revealed that Justin Bieber had a Gundy rant ringtone, Oklahoma State released this video. Then, shortly after the Cowboys' comeback win at Texas A&M on Sept. 24, the below happened. Scroll to the 3:29 mark.
Last game: Beat Texas, 38-26
Next game: Saturday at Missouri

8 Clemson Tigers
Last Week: 8
Super Bass princesses: Some people require no seasoning. They are destined for stardom from the beginning. Receiver Sammy Watkins was a rock star the moment he set foot on Clemson's practice field, and he continues to astound each week. In last week's comeback win against Maryland, Watkins broke C.J. Spiller's school record for all-purpose yards. It was his seventh collegiate game. What might he be able to do in his 14th? Like Watkins, Sophia Grace Brownlee does not need the traditional star-making machinery to shine. All she needs is a tiara, a plastic scepter, a sidekick and an infectious-if-inconsequential hip-hop tune.
Last game: Beat Maryland, 56-45
Next game: Saturday vs. North Carolina

9 Oregon Ducks
Last Week: 9
The Duck beats down the Houston Cougar: No one has done interchangeable parts this well since Eli Whitney. LaMichael James is hurt? Oh well. Kenjon Barner and DeAnthony Thomas will combine to rush for 244 yards and three touchdowns. Darron Thomas is hurt? Redshirt freshman Bryan Bennett will come in and lead the Ducks to a win against a Top 25 opponent. If Oregon's mascot gets injured, the Ducks probably have another feathered friend waiting in the wings who can beat down the opposing mascot*.
Last game: Beat Arizona State, 41-27
Next game: Saturday at Colorado

*Except this week. Ralphie will trample a duck -- even if he is a Duck who rides a motorcycle.
10 Arkansas Razorbacks
Last Week: 10
Houston Nutt's last stand: The Razorbacks, who bounced back from their loss at Alabama with wins against Texas A&M and Auburn, now face former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt. Most of the players on the current roster probably don't think much about Nutt, but once again, the Razorbacks could play a role in Nutt's employment status. Arkansas is coming off a bye week, and the Razorbacks are healthier than they've been in a while. Ole Miss, meanwhile, has lost its last nine SEC games and is showing no signs of progress. This clip from the Razorbacks' 2007 upset of eventual national champion LSU -- Nutt's final regular-season game at Arkansas -- offers a great window into why he succeeded and failed at Arkansas.
Last game: Beat Auburn, 38-14
Next game: Saturday at Ole Miss

11 Kansas St. Wildcats
Last Week: 11
Ron P's Power Towel: Kansas State has won four games in a row as an underdog by forcing turnovers at critical moments. Those two things -- getting underestimated and an excellent turnover margin -- are K-State traditions forged during the first Bill Snyder era. Those are the traditions that should have been embraced when Ron Prince took over the program. Instead, Prince tried to start his own traditions. Bill Snyder has no need for your Power Towel, sir. The tears of favored opponents should never be wiped away.
Last game: Beat Texas Tech, 41-34
Next game: Saturday at Kansas

12 West Virginia Mountaineers
Last Week: 13
Corey Worthington: If Aussie Corey Worthington lived in Morgantown, the glow of burning couches following a West Virginia win would be visible from space. There is plenty of partying left to do this year, because West Virginia is considerably better than every team remaining on its schedule. Coach Dana Holgorsen appears on guard against the midseason malaise that seems to affect every Big East program at one point or another. A week after the Mountaineers scored 43 points and threw for 469 yards against UConn, Holgorsen said the offense wasn't very good. If that's the case, Holgorsen's idea of very good may be to offenses what Worthington's idea of very good is to parties.
Last game: Beat Connecticut, 43-16
Next game: Friday at Syracuse

13 Texas A&M Aggies
Last Week: 16
Jones Prepaid Legal and Daycare Academy: The Aggies finally figured out the whole second-half thing against Baylor. If they can continue to string together four-quarter games, they remain extremely dangerous. Just don't expect anyone from Texas A&M to win any Big 12 player of the week honors. Aggies quarterback Ryan Tannehill throws for 415 yards and six touchdowns? Your Big 12 offensive player of the week is ... Oklahoma receiver Ryan Broyles. Look at the bright side, Aggies. At least Baylor didn't go through with its threat to sue when you decided to leave for the SEC. But if it had, Toby Jones would have treated Baylor president Ken Starr the way Tannehill treated Baylor's defense.
Last game: Beat Baylor, 55-28
Next game: Saturday at Iowa State

14 Nebraska Cornhuskers
Last Week: 15
Mike Nobler's Highlight Reel: The Cornhuskers must adjust to life without defensive tackle Jared Crick, whose college career ended when he suffered a torn pectoral muscle against Ohio State. That puts the pressure on Chase Rome, Thad Randle, Terrence Moore and Baker Steinkuhler, the four players who will rotate between the two defensive tackle spots. Minnesota should provide an easy way to ease into life without Crick. In garbage time, a little-known 2010 signee named Mike Nobler might even get some playing time. At least his highlight tape claims Nobler signed with Nebraska in 2010. Rumor has it he has been hanging around Nebraska's football facility since 2009.
Last game: Beat Ohio State, 34-27
Next game: Saturday at Minnesota

15 Auburn Tigers
Last Week: 17
Flea Market Montgomery: Florida's offense didn't exactly provide the best competition, but Auburn's defense still deserves credit for making the Gators look completely inept. Auburn held the Gators to 194 total yards, racked up four sacks and forced three turnovers. The Tigers have taken their lumps this season, and the big breakthrough probably won't come Saturday at LSU, but they have a bunch of young athletes on defense who -- when they eventually put it all together -- will make life miserable for opposing offenses. How miserable? Simply imagine this commercial for a nearby flea market running on a 24-hour loop.
Last game: Beat Florida, 17-6
Next game: Saturday at LSU

16 Virginia Tech Hokies
Last Week: 19
The Red House: For 15 minutes Saturday, it seemed Virginia Tech would completely fall out of the race for the Virginia Tech Conference title. After one quarter, the Hokies trailed by 10 and had gained only eight yards. In the next three quarters, Virginia Tech outscored the Demon Deacons 38-7 and outgained them 465-182. Now, thanks to their comeback and Georgia Tech's loss at Virginia, the Hokies remain very much alive in the conference race. This commercial for The Red House furniture store in High Point, N.C., is like Saturday's first quarter. You aren't quite sure where they're going with this. But just like Virginia Tech in the final three quarters, the excellence eventually shines through.
Last game: Beat Wake Forest, 38-17
Next game: Saturday vs. Boston College

17 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Last Week: 12
Weatherman vs. Cockroach: Sorry, Yellow Jackets, but if you can't make the effort to beat Virginia, I'm not going to make the effort to scour the Web to find a clip that perfectly encapsulates your team. Instead, you get a weatherman freaking out when he sees a cockroach.
Last game: Lost to Virginia, 24-21
Next game: Saturday at Miami

18 South Carolina Gamecocks
Last Week: 18
Miss Teen South Carolina: With tailback Marcus Lattimore out for the season, it's time to find out whether the Gamecocks have the guts to repeat as SEC East champs. South Carolina is a different team without Lattimore, but the Gamecocks have enough weapons (receiver Alshon Jeffery and freshman defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, for example) to keep winning. With a game in hand against Georgia, South Carolina still controls its destiny. The Gamecocks have an off week to regroup from Lattimore's injury. When they return to the field in Knoxville, will they be prepared to move forward, or will they look like Miss Teen South Carolina did in 2007 when Julie Taylor asked her a question? U.S. Americans who live in the Palmetto State and such as are praying it's the former and not the latter.
Last game: Beat Mississippi State, 14-12
Next game: Oct. 29 at Tennessee

19 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Last Week: 23
Freekbass (Again): Your school inflicted this upon us, Notre Dame fans. I can neither un-see nor un-hear the Freekbass video, and for that someone must pay. The good news? Your team looks good lately. The pass-run quarterback punch of Tommy Rees and Andrew Hendrix is intriguing. So is the potential of speedy freshman defensive end/linebacker hybrid Aaron Lynch. If the Fighting Irish can beat USC, a 9-2 record going into the Stanford game certainly seems possible. The bad news? You still have to watch Freekbass again.
Last game: Beat Air Force, 59-33
Next game: Saturday vs. USC

20 Michigan St. Spartans
Last Week: --
Mortal Kombat Theme: Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi wants his players aggressive, so he doesn't mind the occasional unnecessary roughness penalty. But some of the penalties the Spartans committed Saturday against Michigan were downright stupid. Wisconsin will pile up enough yards on its own; no need to hand out extra 15-yard gains. So, to cut down on foolish penalties, the Spartans who find themselves feeling a little too aggressive this week should burn off some energy the way these guys did.
Last game: Beat Michigan, 28-14
Next game: Saturday vs. Wisconsin

21 Michigan Wolverines
Last Week: 14
Charlie bit me again: Michigan's passing game is infuriating to watch. In rapid succession in Saturday's third quarter, quarterbacks Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner overlooked wide open receivers 15 yards down the field so they could throw to covered receivers 30 yards down the field. With some excellent weapons on offense, Michigan should not have to rely on the jump ball to move down the field. This is especially true after the first few jump balls don't work. Continuing to throw them is like a kid leaving his finger near his baby brother's mouth even after the youngster already chomped down once.
Last game: Lost to Michigan State, 28-14
Next game: Oct. 29 vs. Purdue

22 Illinois Fighting Illini
Last Week: 20
The Agony of Defeat: After losing to Ohio State, Illini coach Ron Zook made a prediction. "When the dust settles, they're going to look at this game and they're going to be sick," Illinois coach Zook told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "They had an opportunity to beat a good team and didn't capitalize on it." They'll be sick, all right. But not as sick as this Wheel of Fortune contestant.
Last game: Lost to Ohio State, 17-7
Next game: Saturday at Purdue

23 Arizona St. Sun Devils
Last Week: 21
Old Spice guy personalized responses: The Sun Devils have a week to recover from their loss at Oregon before embarking on a two-game stretch against Colorado and UCLA that should allow Arizona State to run its Pac-12 South division record to 4-0. Since this is an easy week, the Sun Devils should pause to celebrate the success of former Arizona State receiver Isaiah Mustafa, who booked his gig as the Old Spice guy by using a cadence he had first tried while leaving a voicemail for college quarterback Jake Plummer. Mustafa's TV commercials are funny. His personalized YouTube videos are even better.
Last game: Lost to Oregon, 41-27
Next game: Oct. 29 vs. Colorado

24 USC Trojans
Last Week: --
University of Sexual Ballers: The most amazing thing about the video that got USC tailback Marc Tyler suspended isn't Tyler's boast that USC stands for "University of Sexual Ballers." It's former teammate Malcolm Smith and current teammate Brandon Carswell doing everything within their power to keep Tyler from besmirching Troy. The indignation after the Tyler video hit was ridiculous anyway. Had someone shoved a camera in my 21-year-old face after a night at the bar, I would have mangled far more acronyms than Tyler did. Besides, as Tyler said in the video, USC is breaking bread in its second season under NCAA sanctions. Mighty Mite Curtis McNeal is averaging seven yards per carry, and freshman Marqise Lee picked up the slack against Cal when the Bears smothered leading receiver Robert Woods. The Trojans will collide with another on-the-rise team Saturday in South Bend. TMZ probably won't cover the game.
Last game: Beat Cal, 30-9
Next game: Saturday at Notre Dame

25 Washington Huskies
Last Week: --
Keith Price wired up: It would be awesome to watch Saturday's Stanford game through the eyes of ridiculously efficient Huskies quarterback Keith Price, who has completed 69.4 percent of his passes and thrown 21 touchdowns with only four interceptions. Unfortunately, ESPN probably doesn't have permission to put a camera in Price's helmet. Good thing the fine folks at Washington already did that during the Huskies' spring game. Scroll down for one of the coolest camera angles you've ever seen.
Last game: Beat Colorado, 52-24
Next game: Saturday at Stanford

Next five: Georgia, Texas, Houston, Penn State, Baylor

Andy Staples' Power Rankings also serve as his ballot in the Associated Press Top 25 poll.

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