October 15, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
LCS Preview Means One Thing: WAGs
Marikym Hervieux
Marikym Hervieux
The NLCS begins tonight, and the prediction here is Dodgers in 7. The ALCS kicks off tomorrow night, and the prediction here is that I'd never predict a Yankee series. I would never publicly pick against the Yankees because, as a fan, I can't do that. And I'd never go on record picking them because I believe in jinxes and karma. But predictions are dumb anyway. What's really important are the WAGs of the 2009 LCS, including Russell Martin's girlfriend, Marikym Hervieux.
Will Fox Be Forgiven?

Monday's Hot Clicks told you about Fox mocking Jessica Simpson's weight on its NFL pregame show. The network finally apologized yesterday.

Web Master

Raptors forward Chris Bosh wanted to own the rights to ChrisBosh.com, but someone else had bought the domain. So Bosh sued. And Bosh won. But he didn't just win the rights to ChrisBosh.com. He also won the rights to 800 other domain names.

That's A Heartbreaker

Yesterday's Hot Clicks featured a wild finish to a Michigan high school football game, but for some reason the video was removed from YouTube. Well, we have another crazy ending to a high school football game and hopefully this video stays up.

RIP, Captain Lou
Captain Lou Albano
Captain Lou Albano :: AP

Sad day yesterday with the news that legendary wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano died at age 76. Obviously, Albano's reach went past the wrestling audience when he appeared in Cyndi Lauper's video for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Of course, the WWE capitalized on the rock-and-wrestling connection and created a memorable storyline involving Lauper, Albano, Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan and others, which featured Piper breaking a gold record over Albano's head. And Eric Gibbs, of Phoenix, says, "Many will ask that you play Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in honor of Captain Lou Albano's passing, but I offer the better video. It's got Captain Lou, Nikolai Volkoff, The Iron Sheik, Rowdy Roddy Piper and the Goonies. What more could you want?"

January In October

David H., of Ansonia, Conn., says, "Jimmy, you need to feature January Jones in your next issue. She is a huge NASCAR fan and is nothing but hot." Hmm, I'm not sure her being a NASCAR fan is reason enough for me to feature her in this hard-hitting sports column. Oh, wait. How about this? She recently told GQ that she plans to dress up as Troy Polamalu for Halloween. OK, now I can link to this gallery.

At Least It's A Legit Reason

Fantasy owners of Mike-Sims Walker got an unexpected surprise last week when he was benched for the Jaguars game against Seattle. The reason for the benching? Well, let's just say it had something to do with the opposite sex.

Random Links

The 25 coolest names in the NFL. ... The top 10 flops of the decade. ... Marisa Miller modeling new Victoria's Secret bikinis.

Dr. Chopp, Dr. Hardeman And Dr. Wang

Yesterday's Hot Clicks featured a link to the Web page for Dr. Richard Chopp, a urologist who performs vasectomies. I questioned whether this was real or fake, and many, many, MANY eagle-eyed readers quickly pointed out the names of two other doctors on staff, Dr. Stephen Hardeman and Dr. Lester Wang. This would lead you to believe this was all a hoax. However, several members of Hot Clicks Nation confirmed that these are indeed real doctors. And the readers also provided some in-depth information. For example, Jason, of San Antonio, said, "Jimmy, love Hot Clicks ... keep up the good work. Dr. Dick Chopp is the real deal. He 'chopped' my brother about six years ago in Austin. When my brother told me his doc's name, I didn't believe it either. That was, of course, until I saw the paperwork. Thanks for the link that provides further evidence. Go Yanks!" Peter, of Austin, Texas, said, "Dr. Dick Chopp is indeed a real link. He's my urologist. Not only is it a real link, if you get a vasectomy at his office, you get a T-shirt that says, 'I got Chopped!' True story." Gary, of Leander, Texas, said, "Dr. Chopp is REAL. Of all my neutered friends here in the Austin area, Dr. Chopp has done 90 percent of them. As for me, I don't let other men touch my junk. EVER." Marshall, of College Station, Texas, said, "Dr. Dick Chopp is in fact real. My dad was snipped by him a while back." And last but not least, Mike, of New Braunfels, Texas, said, "I will admit having my vasectomy by the one and only Dr. Richard Chopp."

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Sports Video Of The Day
Here's some ammunition for Texas fans as the Longhorns and Sooners battle in the Red River Shootout on Saturday. (Thanks to Derrich and Bobby, of Austin, Texas, for the link.)
Mean Driver Video Of The Day
That really isn't nice.
Tearjerker Video Of The Day
Ryan Melton, of Kasson, Minn., says, "Nathan Braun is a young kid with cancer. He was an honorary captain at one of our high school football games. Just thought it was a cool story and wanted to share it with the world." Hey, if I end up tearing up while at work, so should you. On a related note, the folks at BoDog.com invited me to join a charity NFL pick 'em contest. Each week's winner will get $250 donated to their charity of choice and overall grand prize are donations of $5,000 and $2,500. I'm playing for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I was tied for first place last week, but ended up losing because of the Monday Night tiebreaker. But the good news is that I'm just three points behind the leader right now.
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