By Peter King
November 10, 2011

NFL Week 10
Last week: 5-9 (.357); Season: 86-44 (.662)
Thursday, Nov. 10
8:20 p.m. ET (NFL Network) Oakland Raiders (4-4) at San Diego Chargers (4-4)
Carson Palmer will cut down on his interception-a-quarter Oakland career streak, but he needs the man in the walking boot, Darren McFadden, to get well soon. By night's end, San Diego will have a commanding one-half-game lead in the division nobody seems to want.
Sunday, Nov. 13
1 p.m. ET (FOX) New Orleans Saints (6-3) at Atlanta Falcons (5-3)
Drew Brees and Sean Payton are 8-2 against Atlanta since uniting in New Orleans in 2006. All eight of those wins came without the leading receiver in the NFC -- Darren Sproles. Surprise, surprise. Sproles has become twice the matchup problem for defenses that Reggie Bush was.
1 p.m. ET (CBS) Tennessee Titans (4-4) vs. Carolina Panthers (2-6)
The Titans seem like they're sinking, going 1-3 after a 3-1 start. Carolina's 2-6, but the rookie quarterback is getting seasoned pretty fast. Cam Newton's had 127.5 and 117.6 ratings in his last two starts. I don't feel great about this pick, but anyone who went 5-9 last week not against the spread probably shouldn't feel great about any pick.
1 p.m. ET (CBS) Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-2)
Love Ryan Clark's take on Andy Dalton to me this week: "You can tell how good he is for two reasons. One, how much better Cincinnati is with him. Two, how bad TCU is without him." The Steelers see it up close for the first time, and all of a sudden, the Bengals -- with a win, 6-1 in the AFC -- have to be taken very seriously.
1 p.m. ET (FOX) St. Louis Rams (1-7) at Cleveland Browns (3-5)
I really don't know why. Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
1 p.m. ET (CBS) Buffalo Bills (5-3) at Dallas Cowboys (4-4)
Not saying the Bills are out of it or anything, but this is not exactly the best time to be heading out on a three-game road trip (Dallas, Miami, the Jets), coming off a bad loss to the Jets last week. The 27-11 loss is the only time all year the Bills have looked like the same old Bills.
1 p.m. ET (CBS) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) at Indianapolis Colts (0-9)
One of the final indignities on the way to picking Andrew Luck next April: The NFL had 'til Nov. 21 to flex out of what's traditionally one of the best games of the year, the Dec. 4 matchup between Indy and New England. The league told both teams 13 days prior to the game that it won't be in prime time on Sunday night. On the heels of that joyous news, the Colts will fall to 0-10.
1 p.m. ET (CBS) Denver Broncos (3-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-4)
I can't believe it. I'm picking the Chiefs, a team that lost to an 0-7 team at home last week by four touchdowns, to beat the magical Tebows. Let's just say if I were going to Vegas, I would stay miles and miles away from this game. It's senseless.
1 p.m. ET (FOX) Washington Redskins (3-5) at Miami Dolphins (1-7)
Break up the Dolphs! The most incredible stat of last week that we all ignored was Matt Moore's 147.5 passer rating at Kansas City. The way Washington is reeling, no way Moore's regressing to his Carolina days this week.
1 p.m. ET (FOX) Arizona Cardinals (2-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)
Bad thing for Arizona: The Cards' biggest scoring threat is a cornerback.
1 p.m. ET (CBS) Houston Texans (6-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-4)
Gained a lot of respect for the Texans this year. They used to be the guys who'd blow leads in the fourth quarter as regularly as Wimpy ate hamburgers. Now, without maybe their two best players -- Andre Johnson and Mario Williams -- they've won three straight by 20.7 per game. This will be a tale-teller, though. The Bucs need this one badly to stay close in the NFC South race, and I'm picking the Texans because of their strong two-headed runner, Arian Foster and Ben Tate.
4:05 p.m. ET (CBS) Baltimore Ravens (6-2) at Seattle Seahawks (2-6)
I love the NFL releases in games that have that blowout smell, when the underdog is propped up. In the Week 10 NFL Capsules sent to the media comes this gem that will have a major bearing on this game, about Seattle's Raheem Brock: "DE Raheem Brock has faced Bal. 5 times & his teams are 5-0." I'm sure John Harbaugh will tell his players Saturday night how much trouble they're in because Raheem Brock has never lost to the Ravens.
4:15 p.m. ET (FOX) New York Giants (6-2) at San Francisco 49ers (7-1)
Very dangerous picking against a karma team. But both these teams have karma right now, don't they? I pick the Niners for one reason and one reason only: I trust Frank Gore (last five games: 100 carries, 634 yards) to own this game against a Giants front giving up 4.6 yards per carry more than I trust the Giants' rush to gash a Niner D giving up 3.5 yards per carry.
4:15 p.m. ET (FOX) Detroit Lions (6-2) at Chicago Bears (5-3)
Now we'll see if Ford Field really was as important as Matthew Stafford in that emotional Oct. 10 Monday nighter. Remember the nine false starts, and Jim Schwartz's postgame comments about "Our hats are off to the fans here?" One guy I've gained tremendous respect for in the last month is Jay Cutler, and I think he'll make enough drive-sustaining plays to lead three scoring drives.
8:20 p.m. ET (NBC) New England Patriots (5-3) at New York Jets (5-3)
Weird thing about football in the last three weeks: Tom Brady's been pretty good. Pretty rare thing, because he's supposed to be Unitas every weekend. But the Patriots have scored 20, 17 and 20 in the last three games -- two of them losses -- and the lack of a deep threat and difference-maker in the running games (Danny Woodhead touches from scrimmage in the last three games: 16) has put the kind of pressure on Brady that no quarterback on a good team feels right now. Big edge for the Jets, who put consistent, punishing pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick last week.
Monday, Nov. 14
8:30 p.m. ET (ESPN) Minnesota Vikings (2-6) at Green Bay Packers (8-0)
The only suspense here? Whether the Green Bay D can get back on track. Quietly, the Packers have allowed 440 yards a game over the last three weeks, but Aaron Rodgers has been a great deodorant.

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