By Stewart Mandel
November 02, 2007
Week 10 Pickoff
All across Arizona this week, fans were wondering ... how Grant Hill will fit in with the Suns. The ASU crowd, however, has a bigger concern: The status of QB Rudy Carpenter's injured thumb. Will he play Saturday? He better -- seven hours is a long way for me to fly to watch some backup.
Oregon 34, Arizona State 24
No. 3 LSU (7-1) at No. 17 Alabama (6-2)
It's the players on the field who will decide the outcome, but we're expecting CBS's cameras to focus an inordinate amount of time on the opposing coaches. In fact, if the game goes to overtime, they may just have Nick Saban and Les Miles meet at midfield to thumb wrestle.
LSU 31, Alabama 24
Wisconsin (7-2) at No. 1 Ohio State (9-0)
In order to keep his players motivated against a slate full of overmatched Big Ten foes, Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel is playing the "revenge" card. He's reminded them Wisconsin came into their house and beat them ... in 2004, before most of them were even on the team.
Ohio State 24, Wisconsin 3
The Longhorns' past two trips to Stillwater have required gargantuan comebacks to win. Meanwhile, last week's Nebraska game required a monstrous fourth quarter from RB Jamaal Charles. Advice to Texas: Try scoring points early. You'll find it cuts down on the drama later.
Texas 35, Oklahoma State 27
We've reached that point in the season where teams like Virginia, which built up big records by playing a more favorable early schedule, start to come back down to earth. The Cavs' reality check began a week early against NC State. Next up: Wake, Miami and Virginia Tech.
Wake Forest 23, Virginia 16
Here's how the Razorbacks have gotten to this point: By beating Troy, North Texas, Chattanooga, Ole Miss and Florida International. A win over the Gamecocks would certainly help their credibility; unfortunately for them, South Carolina's busy contending for a division title.
S. Carolina 28, Arkansas 25
Navy (4-4) at Notre Dame (1-7)
If ever Navy was going to snap its now 43-game losing streak to the Irish, it would be during Notre Dame's worst season in decades, right? Unfortunately, the Midshipmen are in the midst of a "down" year themselves (recently speaking), losing last week to Delaware. Survey says ...
Notre Dame 27, Navy 22
First-year Spartans coach Mark Dantonio installed clocks that have been counting down to this game for months. A heated rivalry + a slightly overrated favorite + a hungry home underdog + the uncertain health status of two key Michigan players = all the classic makings of an upset.
Upset Special:
Michigan St. 31, Michigan 28
Last week's record: 4-4. Season record: 46-26.

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