By Stewart Mandel
September 07, 2007
Week 2 Pickoff
If I were in Les Miles' shoes (and hat), my game plan would be: Never throw the ball (to avoid a trademark Hokie INT for touchdown), max protect on every punt (to avoid a trademark Hokie block for TD) and ride my overwhelming defense and deafening stadium to a sweet, if ugly, W.
LSU 23, Virginia Tech 9
No. 19 TCU (1-0) at No. 7 Texas (1-0)
The upset pick is definitely tempting. The Horned Frogs' defense could well wreak havoc on a UT offense that sputtered against Arkansas State. I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger on an underdog whose QB, Andy Dalton, is a redshirt freshman making his first-career road start.
Texas 20, TCU 19
Miami (1-0) at No. 5 Oklahoma (0-0)
Miami has long been a team fans detest, but that may start to change after they read Gary Smith's jaw-dropping feature on 'Canes coach Randy Shannon in this week's Sports Illustrated. His team doesn't have the horses to win a game like this yet -- but give him a couple of years.
Oklahoma 17, Miami 7
BYU (1-0) at No. 13 UCLA (1-0)
Welcome to the first of several must-win games this season for Karl Dorrell. The Bruins faithful are banking on a special season, one that would not include losing to BYU. But the Cougars are a worthy adversary that just whipped another Pac-10 foe, Arizona. Hold your breath, UCLA fans.
UCLA 27, BYU 24
Beano Cook famously predicted then freshman Ron Powlus would win two Heismans at Notre Dame. Barring a miracle improvement from his offensive line, the only prediction we'll be making after Jimmy Clausen's debut is whether he will make it through the season with his limbs in tact.
Penn State 34, Notre Dame 10
Is touted Washington QB Jake Locker the real deal? Yes. Will the resurgent Huskies post a better record this season than head coach Tyrone Willingham's former team in South Bend? Quite possibly. Are they capable of ending Boise's 14-game winning streak? Absolutely. I just don't see it happening (yet).
Boise State 29, Washington 20
Oregon (1-0) at Michigan (0-1)
ABC's previously puzzling decision to show this game to a national audience turned out brilliant, as the country is curious to find out A) Whether the Wolverines still field a football team, B) Whether Lloyd Carr is still the coach and C) Whether they remember how to beat another team.
Michigan 35, Oregon 31
USF (1-0) at No. 17 Auburn (1-0)
I've had this one earmarked since April. Suddenly everyone else has the same idea, likely jinxing the possibility, but I'm staying true to my instinct. Both teams boast swarming, athletic defenses, but shifty Bulls QB Matt Grothe will produce just enough big plays to make the difference.
Upset Special:
USF 21, Auburn 14
Last week's record: 7-1.Overall record: 7-1.

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