By Stewart Mandel
October 05, 2007
Week 6 Pickoff
No. 9 Florida (4-1) at No. 1 LSU (5-0)
Mr. Tebow, meet Mr. Dorsey. Should you try to run 20 times, he and his friends -- Messrs. Jackson, Pittman, Beckwith and Highsmith -- will be there to make sure you need extra Tylenol the next morning. Of course, it's not like they'll make it any easier if you drop back to pass, either.
LSU 27, Florida 14
Remember that nail biter in West Lafayette during OSU's 2002 title season, when Craig Krenzel completed that fourth-down bomb to pull out a 10-6 victory? This game is exactly like that ... except that the Buckeyes' offense is far more explosive and the Boilers' defense far more flimsy.
Ohio State 33, Purdue 17
Would the real Sam Bradford please stand up? The nation's hottest quarterback the first four weeks suddenly turned ordinary against Colorado. Kind of like his Texas counterpart, Colt McCoy, has all season. Someone's going to redeem himself this week, and it's going to be ...
Oklahoma 41, Texas 24
Last week against Georgia Tech, Clemson missed four field goals, had a punt blocked and fumbled a kick return. If the Tigers do that again, they will lose. However, if they simply get out of their own way and let their defense take the field, the Hokies might not have any way of scoring.
Clemson 16, Virginia Tech 7
Two explosive offenses (Missouri's ranks fifth nationally, Nebraska's 18th). Two highly suspect defenses (the Huskers' is 77th, the Tigers' 93rd). A game like this can only come down to one factor -- which coach, Bill Callahan or Gary Pinkel, will screw up trying to outsmart himself first?
Missouri 45, Nebraska 42
Only in America could a school (Cincinnati) that used to force its basketball season-ticket holders to buy football tickets just to fill half the stadium and a school (Rutgers) that just a few years ago lost a game 80-7 suddenly both find themselves both ranked and playing each other in primetime.
Rutgers 34, Cincinnati 31
No. 5 Wisconsin (5-0) at Illinois (4-1)
How badly are the Badgers overrated? Vegas considers the unranked Illini the favorite in this game. This of course ensures Wisconsin will win, because the Badgers will come out all ticked off and wanting to "prove the critics wrong," which they will -- at least for one more week.
Wisconsin 31, Illinois 26
No. 12 Georgia (4-1) at Tennessee (2-2)
Speaking of Vegas, the Vols opened the week as favorites. Now they're not. Some are calling this the most important game of increasingly embattled coach Phillip Fulmer's career. Coming off a bye week, Tennessee is in perfect position to give him a lift -- and then return to mediocrity later.
Upset Special:
Tennessee 27, Georgia 24
Last week's record: 3-5. Season record: 25-15.

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