By Stewart Mandel
October 12, 2007
Week 7 Pickoff
I get a little nervous whenever Fox Sports Net carries an important game, because there's always the chance my local Fox Sports network will preempt it for a hockey game... Wait, what's that? Fox Sports New York is showing a hockey game (Devils-Thrashers)? Nice going there, Big 12.
Oklahoma 34, Missouri 28
No. 1 LSU (6-0) at No. 17 Kentucky (5-1)
In an earlier era, a trip to Lexington would have been just what the doctor ordered for LSU following its grueling win over Florida. This year, it means going straight from battling Tim Tebow for 60 minutes to a date with Andre Woodson. Hope Glenn Dorsey snuck in some hot tub time this week.
LSU 34, Kentucky 24
It wasn't a happy week in Happy Valley. Another off-field fracas. Underage alcohol citations. JoePa's scaring unsuspecting drivers. Lost in all that was a big day for Penn State's oft-maligned offense against Iowa (489 yards). Here's guessing they keep it up against a struggling Badgers D.
Penn State 23, Wisconsin 17
No. 22 Auburn (4-2) at Arkansas (3-2)
Could this be Darren McFadden's final Heisman stand? The junior's been putting up his usual big numbers lately but has fallen completely off the radar. If the Razorbacks drop to 3-3, who knows when he'll be on national TV next? Meanwhile, all Auburn cares about is avenging last year's home loss.
Auburn 27, Arkansas 24
Texas A&M (5-1) at Texas Tech (5-1)
From Frisbee tortillas to battery showers to a melee in the stands to the recent "Vick 'em," the Tech-A&M rivalry off the field could best be described as "ugly." This year, thanks to Tech QB Graham Harrell's arm and Dennis Franchione's defense, the result on the field might match it.
Texas Tech 52, Texas A&M 21
Purdue (5-1) at Michigan (4-2)
You know how Michigan has trouble stopping spread offenses? In the words of Mike Gundy ... THAT'S NOT TRUE. The Wolverines' kryptonite is mobile quarterbacks in spread offenses. Joe Tiller's been running the spread at Purdue since 1997, yet Michigan's still won five-of-six meetings.
Michigan 30, Purdue 21
Colorado (4-2) at Kansas State (3-2)
Remember when Kansas State was the team that "didn't play anybody?" First it was Auburn. Then Texas. Then undefeated Kansas. Now the team that beat Oklahoma? Where have you gone, Bill Snyder? Josh Freeman and the 'Cats figure to be up and down all season. Last week was down.
Kansas State 26, Colorado 23
Connecticut (5-0) at Virginia (5-1)
OK, here's how I see it. You've got a great battle down low between Ralph Sampson and Emeka Okafor. Virginia will be looking to get Curtis Staples going early, but he's going to be matched up against Ray Allen on the perimeter, so that could be ... What? ... Football? ... Seriously?
Upset Special:
Connecticut 24, Virginia 23
Last week's record: 5-3. Season record: 30-18.

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