January 13, 2010
Wes Welker's Woman?
Anna Burns :: Courtesy Hooters.com

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The e-mails started to come in as soon as CBS showed Wes Welker sitting next to a stunning brunette during Sunday's Ravens-Pats game. "Who is Wes Welker's girlfriend," many of you asked. Eric, of Baltimore, said, "Jimmy, did you see who was sitting next to Wes Welker during the Pats-Ravens game? She was redonkulous! Can you find out who she is?" Now, Eric's e-mail made me NOT want to find out who she was because I refuse to help anyone who uses a lame word like "redonkulous." However, I'm a pro and I did search around for some info on Monday, but came up empty. However, The Big Lead came through yesterday with all the details, and they're quite interesting. It turns out that the woman in question, Anna Burns, was Miss Hooters International 2005. Congrats, Wes.
The College Hoops Situation
With college football in the rearview mirror and the NFL winding down, some of you may be ready to turn your attention to college hoops. To get you familiar with some key players, here's a piece that compares those guys to Jersey Shore cast members.
Colt Follow Up
Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks told you about Colt McCoy proposing to his girlfriend, Rachel Glandorf. Here's an update on the story, with pictures from the actual propsal that took place at Texas Memorial Stadium.
They're Just A Tad Upset In Tennessee
Tennessee Fans :: AP
Lane Kiffin basically caused Armageddon in Tennessee last night. Students rioted. They burned T-shirts. Assistant coaches allegedly are trying to steal recruits. Urban Meyer can't stop laughing. But despite all of this lunacy, what do most people remain focused on? Layla Kiffin.
Betting Story Of The Day
The worst thing about the rise of Internet gambling is live in-game betting. At least that's what I've heard from people who do Internet gambling. Anyway, if you don't believe me, just check out this story.
Gratuitous Items Of The Day
Jamie S., of New York City, says, "I understand that most of your readers are guys, but can the ladies get some love? These new Cristiano Ronaldo Armani pictures are to die for. You can even post the Megan Fox ones, too. Just wanted to share these abs with the world." OK, the abs have been shared. And to show I'm a nice guy, here are shots of David Beckham, who decided to pull down his pants during a recent game. And since you gave me permission to post the Megan Fox's new Armani spread, I feel I have no choice but to link it up.
Sports Video Of The Day
It doesn't get much better than this "College Football Coaches 2009-10: In Memoriam" video.

Crazy Announcer Video Of The Day
Nate Weyant, of Winter Park, Fla., says, "Don't forget about the little guys -- Jim Ferro, the color commentator at Rollins College (Division II) is in the top-five of crazy announcers. On Saturday, Rollins' (ranked No. 20 in Division II) 6-foot-8 center hit a three to win the game over second-ranked Florida Southern. Here's the call (final play at the 10-minute mark)." Yes, fast-forward to the 10-minute mark and just listen to the call and the comments that follow.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
This late-night mess is getting good now. Jimmy Kimmel did his entire show last night as Jay Leno. Embedded below is the opening. Here's a link to Kimmel (as Leno) doing a headlines segment and here's Kimmel interviewing Elisha Cuthbert.

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