August 23, 2007
Tale of the Tape's Cory McCartney sizes up the Southsiders and the socially-awkward duo.
White Sox
Guys From Superbad
'Superbad' is
Current state of team Their movie
Product Cost
$109,680,167 payroll $18 million budget
Appearing At
U.S. Cellular Field, near bottom of Al Central. Theaters
Biggest Score
World Series champs in 1906, 1917 and 2005. Fake ID
Foul-Mouthed Member
Ozzie Guillen Just about everybody in the movie.
Best Nickname In Their Crew
Jim "Mr. High Socks" Thome Fogell, aka McLovin
Bobby Jenks' retiring 41 consecutive batters. Life-long losing streak with women.
Alcohol-infused tribute
"Effen Ozzie GuillenTini" served at gay bar. Drinking game
Strange Hobby
Guillen's role as a columnist for Venezuelan paper El Universal. Drawing ... well, just see the movie.
Beef With
Cubs, columnist Jay Mariotti Spitting bully Jesse
Their Fat Kid
Jenks Seth

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