December 03, 2010
The Benefit Of Being Mediocre
Willa Ford :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Well, that turned out to be a big dud. The only noteworthy thing to come out of LeBron's return to Cleveland last night (besides James doing his powder toss) was a Cavaliers assistant coach telling LeBron to "shut the f--- up." So I guess we move on to other nonsense now, like this look at the seven sexiest women married to mediocre NHL players. Willa Ford is not on the list because she's married to Mike Modano, and he's not mediocre, but she needed to be recognized in this space.
R.I.P., Ron Santo
Legendary Cubs player and broadcaster Ron Santo passed away Friday morning. Here's a classic video of Santo, who can't hide his frustration with the Cubs ineptness.
The Ladies May Like This One has a look at the most embarrassing photoshoots done by athletes.
What Do Snakes, Flags And 2X4's Have In Common?
Jake "The Snake" Roberts :: B. Bennett/Getty Images
They're all part of this look at 100 vintage foreign objects carried ringside by WWF/WWE wrestlers.
Speaking Of Wrestling...
Remember the video of LeBron James joining the NWO that went viral over the summer? Here is the followup, featuring a classic Shawn Michaels moment.
Sports Video Of The Day
Here's a new type of goal celebration: Throw a right haymaker at your teammates face.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
Here's the latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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