January 07, 2013
Random, Amazing News Item of the Weekend
Wilt Chamberlain :: John Iacono/SI

Quentin Tarantino Fresh Air his mom dated Wilt Chamberlain in the 1970s famously claims to have slept 20,000 women.
Wildcard Weekend Roundup
Ray Lewis did not disappoint John Harbaug line up in the backfield poked fun at Adrian Peterson Eric Dickerson he intends to rush for 2,500 yards next season Von Miller Joe Flacco the post was a fake Richard Sherman who gave Tom Brady an earful shoved in the face James Andrews feared Mike Shanaha Robert Griffin III Alf made an appearance
New WAG Alert
Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton Leonardo DiCaprio is now reportedly dating Browns tight end Jordan Cameron.
Notable Lady Of The Day
Irina Shayk :: Derek Kettela/SI

Irina Shayk celebrated with a birthday GIF celebration.
Welcome Back, NHL
finally been resolved Alex Picard the greatest tweet in the history of tweets Yannick Weber
Before You Watch Monday's BCS Championship
Jimmer Fredette averaging eight points in 14 minutes of action have you seen him dancing in his wedding video?
Random Items
Ian Poulter vs. Johnny Miller trying to unload their personal seat licenses staying in luxury
Live News Report Of The Day

Live News Report Of The Day, Part 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger Video Of The Day
the best Conan O'Brien viral clips of 2012 Arnold Schwarzenegger

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