December 26, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
The Hottest Women of MMA
Ali Sonoma

Seasons greetings, Hot Clicks readers. Jimmy will be out for the next week or so on holiday (yes, even the king of all sports bloggers needs a respite from time to time). There won't be many changes. You'll get the same great eye candy and sports links you always did. Today's edition comes to you courtesy of's Arash Markazi, who is in Las Vegas for UFC 92, which features the best trio of matches to top a fight card in a while. So, with that in mind, he thought he'd kick things off right with a look at the 10 hottest women of MMA.

Dear Sir ... or is it Madame?

The only thing better than calling out a transgendered golfer on your blog is getting said transgendered golfer to write you a strongly-worded email in response. Such was the case when Machochip wrote about world long drive champion Lana Lawless, who unfortunately looks nothing like Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess fame.

49ers pay upper lip service

There are few things in life more distinguished, refined and totally outdated than a well-groomed mustache. Well, it seems that the 49ers are not only going old school with throwback uniforms on Sunday, they'll look to channel their inner Ray Wersching by growing mustaches. The Redskins, who will be taking them on, may not sprout opposing facial hair for the occasion, but that's not stopping Mr. Irrelevant from staginga virtual Mustache-off.

That Time of Year Again
Chad Pennington: AP

Hot Clicks has been urging its readers to get new calendars by highlighting some of the best available (see below for today's more-than-friendly reminder). The best example of a fan who can use a new one comes courtesy of Simon on Sports, who notes that in the month of December his current Jets calendar features the photo of none other than ex-Jet Chad Pennington, who will try to exact sweet revenge by knocking Gang Green out of the playoffs as the starting quarterback of the Dolphins this Sunday.

Cold Cats

No one is giving the Lions much of a chance on Sunday to avoid eternal 0-16 shame by beating the Packers in Lambeau Field for the first time since 1991 and thus avoid the label of "worst ... team ... ever." While it's expected to be about 17 degrees at kickoff, the weather shouldn't play a role. After all, if the Packers' Bikini Girls can brave the cold, so should the Lions.

Name That Bowl Game

There are way too many meaningless bowl games and no one does a better job of pointing that out than Jason English at Mental Floss. He challenges you to name all 33 bowl games in eight minutes. No offense, but if you can name more than 12, you need to get out of the house more.

Today's Celebrity Calendar
Danielle Lloyd

I'm beginning to realize that one of the biggest perks of writing Hot Clicks is sifting through the many pictures of attractive women that are e-mailed to the site because they may have even a slight sports connection. My favorite is Danielle Lloyd, who's been linked to more soccer players than Manchester United. She certainly got into the holiday spirit this year. Here's her calendar, in case your interest has been piqued.

Missed 'em By ThatMuch

This video of what looks to be the greatest getaway of all-time appears to be fake, but since my sense of what's real and what's not in the viral world is so bad, I'll post it anyway. At the very least, it's funny and that's all that really matters anyway, right?

Go Elf Yourself

Sure, Christmas is over, but it's never too late to share the best holiday card I received. It will be hard not to pull for the New Jersey Nets after watching this.

Campus Clicks
Duke and UNC know 'tis the season. :: Jeffrey A. Salter/SI

Basketball wishes during this holiday season ... 'The 12 Days of Christmas -- Boosh Style' ... Guide to the 12 worst kinds of mall Santas ... Video: 'Seinfeld' teaches us about Festivus.

Out of the Way, Ref!

The only sight harder on the eyes than the color-coordinated holiday uniforms of the Mavericks and Blazers was seeing Jason Kidd send referee Jim Clark flying as he dove for a loose ball towards the end of their Christmas Day game.

You Dirty Dog

In these tough economic times, even dogs are resorting to shoplifting to get by.

Mystery Solved?

Remember the video that surfaced of Bill O'Reilly flipping out back in his days as an anchor on Inside Edition? Well, it looks like we finally know what triggered his outburst.

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