September 18, 2009
Friday, September 18
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Yanks hit with age-driscrimination suit
A senior-citizen waiter claims a Yankee official pitched him a curve when he interviewed for a job. "What could someone 73 years old offer the Yankees?" the man says he was asked. He's one of 13 waiters ranging in age from 66 to 80 who were laid off when the old Yankee Stadium closed and who were turned down when they re-applied at the new ballpark. The men -- who for decades worked at the old park -- are suing, maintaining they were replaced by younger workers who get paid less. They say all they want is their jobs back -- and back pay for the season they missed. They estimated they earned $28,000 for 80 days of work annually, and were able to collect unemployment insurance between seasons.
(New York Post)
LeBron to star in comedy movie
LeBron James is indeed going somewhere in 2010: Hollywood. James has agreed to star as himself in a major motion picture backed by industry heavyweights Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment. The working title is "Fantasy Basketball Camp" and it will be a comedy about a group of friends who go to Las Vegas to take part in James' basketball camp. Apparently hijinks will ensue.
(Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Native American group pressuring Redskins
It remains one of the great mysteries in sports, a 77-year-old crime that remains largely ignored and purposely unsolved. How does a team from the nation's capital, supported by a fan base of some of the nation's greatest thinkers, maintain a nickname that is the Native American equivalent to the N-word? Redskins? "It is the worst thing in the English language you can be called if you are a native person," said Suzan Shown Harjo, a Native American writer and public policy advocate who is the lead plaintiff in one of the most compelling lawsuits in sports history. Seventeen years after challenging the Washington Redskins trademark, Harjo and six others have renewed their fight, petitioning the Supreme Court to examine a lower-court ruling that denied their challenge on a technicality.
(Los Angeles Times)
Must-See Photo
New York Islanders' goalie Kevin Poulin bobbles the puck during the third period of an NHL preseason hockey game against the Calgary Flames in Calgary, Alberta,Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009. The Calgary Flames beat the New York Islanders 5-4 in a shootout. (AP)
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Should Mike have played football?
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Giants at Dodgers, 10:10 p.m ET
San Francisco Giants
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This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Atlanta Olympics
1848 -- Baseball rules first baseman can tag base for out instead of runner.
1925 -- Bill Tilden wins sixth straight U.S. tennis championship.
1990 -- Atlanta is chosen to host 1996 (centennial) Summer Olympics.


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