December 17, 2010
The Hot Clicks Celebrity NFL Picks Contest
Ashton Kutcher :: Robert Beck/SI

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You already know that Ashton Kutcher created and starred in Punk'd (not to mention the critically acclaimed Dude, Where's My Car?), and is a Twitter giant. But Kutcher is also putting his celebrity to good use. He's currently running a charity campaign targeted to end human trafficking and child sex slavery. You can read about this important cause and make a donation on Now onto the picks, where I stand at 114-73 for the season.

Kutcher Traina
Buccaneers Buccaneers
Eagles Eagles
Texans Titans
Ravens Ravens
Colts Jaguars
Chiefs Rams
Cardinals Panthers
Dolphins Dolphins
Browns Bengals
Cowboys Cowboys
Falcons Falcons
Raiders Raiders
Steelers Steelers
Patriots Patriots
Bears Bears
Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has decided to bench Donovan McNabb for the team's game Sunday against the Cowboys. Starting in McNabb's place with be Rex Grossman. Talk about an insult. It's not like Grossman is a rookie or an unknown who Washington should get a look at. Anyway, to get a better grip on this move, check out this photo story from
From The Street To The Big Leagues
Tyler Coleman, of Sarnia, Canada, says, "This is my former junior teammate, Tom Fenton, living the dream for one night. Tom played Division I hockey for four years, but gave up on his dream of playing pro. He is working on his MBA, and working as a goalie coach with the hockey program at Manhattanville College. Imagine planning on watching the game at your house and getting called up to play in the NHL. This is the dream of every hockey fan who has ever tied on a pair of skates. You have to post this."
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Yesica Toscanini:: Pamela Hanson/SI
Matt Seccio, of Brooklyn, N.Y., says, "Jimmy, I don't think you've ever had my favorite Swimsuit model Yesica Toscanini as the LLOD and you should. You really should." OK, done.
Just Show The Freakin' Game
Remember when Fox upset hockey fans with that glowing puck thingy many years ago? Well, now the network plans on adding music to its NFL telecasts.
Random Links
There's a petition going around to help save Ryan Fitzpatrick's beard. And after seeing it, you'll know why. ... Soccer's Juventus of Serie A will be the Italian League's first team to have cheerleaders. ... Ozzie Guillen commercial outtakes are pretty much what you'd expect from Ozzie Guillen commercial outtakes.
Sports Video Of The Day
This heartfelt ode to Saints quarterback Drew Brees is titled Me and Drew, and it gets an "A" for creativity. (Thanks to Josh, of Durango, Col., for the link.)

Movie Spoilers Video Of The Day
Here are 50 Christmas movie spoilers in three minutes.

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