August 26, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Hang the Periodic Tables Next to the Lesbian Kiss
These posters adorn many college common room walls. :: Courtesy of

Classes started yesterday at many campuses, and if you're like most students, you've probably already plastered your bedroom and common room walls with posters and select photos that were too risqué to put on Facebook. No one has to be original all the time, but chances are a fair few of your wall-adornments are on College Happenings' list of the 28 most cliché dorm room posters. For the record, we didn't have any of these. We did have a post-card version of the Guinness one, but since that came from the actual Guinness factory in Ireland, that hardly counts as cliché.

What Are You Pointing At?

In case you haven't heard, "the football monopoly in Los Angeles is officially over," and Rick Neuheisel likes to point at things. The above quote appeared in a full-page LA Times ad for UCLA football, which also included a picture of Neuheisel meaningfully staring, and pointing off into the distance. Lisa (a blatant UCLA-hater) at Straight Talk From the Left Coast has 10 guesses as to what Neuheisel might be pointing at. The possibilities include a kid who looks like he might be able to throw 20 yards, a landmine left by the Trojan mascot and that elusive spot at the end of the field (the end zone). Harsh.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Meet Robert Paxton, the Iowa Central Community College president who likes to help his students chug mini kegs.

Something Worth Fighting For
The Telephone Trophy and The Golden Egg Trophy. :: SI : AP

If you think college rivalries are about pride and in-state (or regional) recruiting superiority, you're wrong. They're about trophies. Beautifully, carefully, lovingly crafted trophies. Of canoes. And milk cans. And Platypi.

Are You Gonna Eat That?

If you're interested in placing some bets (non-monetary, of course ... we at SIOC don't encourage gambling) head on over to Double Extra Point for the over-unders on the upcoming college football season. If anti-Mark Mangino humor offends you, this is probably not for you.

For Love of the Game

Add The Legend of Cecilio Guante to the list of bloggers who've recently admitted they prefer college football to the NFL. Cecilio's Scribe couldn't quite explain his preference, so he decided to list the contributing factors. Helmet stickers, fight songs, stadiums with fun nicknames ... the reasons abound. Oh, and of course, cheerleaders.

Let's Go to Quebec

It was grueling work, but The Lowdown finally came up with three reasons why Canadian football is better than college football. Here's a hint: The drinking age has something to do with it.

Hanging with J-Mac

That's Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, for the uninitiated. Here, at long last, the mystery behind McCain's love affair with caramel Nips comes to an end.

Pop Culture Nugget

EW's ranking the 25 funniest movies of the last 25 years and our boy Christopher Guest dominated. If you don't know who Christopher Guest is, go watch Best in Show. Now.

Today In Hot Clicks
Lilly Robbins :: Courtesy

Get to know your NFL dancers ... Go, Djokovic ... Best and worst player from each NFL team ... Undertaker vs. Roddick ... Worst dunks, goals ... Video: Six fantasy tips ... Soulja Boy tribute.

Odds and Ends

Familiarize yourself with college football's new game clock ... Could UNC really win eight games or more? ... Michigan students, fondle yourselves in your own rooms ... ESPN just gave the SEC a whole lot of money.

Another Phelpsian Eating Challenge

Apparently the key to consuming 12,000 calories is eating spaghetti-style pasta, not shells.

Open Wide

This kid voluntarily got shot in the mouth with a paint-ball gun. It's puzzling what passes for entertainment these days.

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