January 08, 2010
Playoff Primer
Mark Sanchez, Adrian Grenier :: Getty Images

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Hot Clicks covered the Ravens-Pats game this morning. Actually, Stacy Keibler and Maria Menounos covered the Ravens-Pats game. But we do have some links to prepare you for NFL wild-card weekend: Here are some interesting stats for people who may place a wager. Here's a breakdown of which college conferences are most represented in the playoffs. And here are your playoff lookalikes.
Real Or Fake?
Check out some members of the Kansas Jayhawks hitting four consecutive half-court shots during a recent practice.
The Quote Of 2010
Bobcats forward Stephen Jackson on his free-throw success: "Everybody wants to do their best when making love. I feel like when I go to the free-throw line I'm making love to my wife. I concentrate, just stay focused on what I'm doing."
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Yvonne Strahovski :: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images
Lou D., of Philadelphia, says, "This weekend is the season premier of a show not many watch, but has one of the hotter girls on TV in it, Chuck. I think it would be for the be for the greater good of all your Hot Clicks readers if you sent out links to Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Sarah in the show." Meanwhile, Ben, of Washington, says, "Jimmy, big fan of Hot Clicks. My favorite television show, Chuck, starts its third season Sunday night and then airs again Monday. While it's not a show about sports, Michael Strahan did show up in a previous episode. Could you make Yvonne Strahovski your Lovely Lady of the Day in honor of the show's third season?" Yes, I can make Yvonne Strahovski the Lovely Lady of the Day.
Have you ever had trouble figuring out what cereal you should eat? Let this awesome chart help you out. (Thanks to Brent, of Lombard, Ill, for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
As we transition from the BCS Championship to the NFL playoffs, the rap video, that pays tribute to both college and pro football seems appropriate.

Best Fails Of 2009 Video Of The Day
You'll be saying "ouch" over and over while watching this video.

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