October 30, 2008
Tale of the Tape
Extra Mustard's Paul Tinelli looks at two guys who made millions this year for not doing too much.
Barry Zito
Elvis Presley
Amount of Money Made This Year
$14.5 million $52 Million
Appeared This Year
In the bullpen On Sirius satellite radio
Produced In '08
A 5.15 ERA No new songs
Career games started Approximate weight at death
Las Vegas
Born there Sang a song about it
Cy Young Grammy
Former Love Interest
Alyssa Priscilla
Drafted By
The A's The U.S. Army
Made Many
Bad starts in 2008 Bad movies in the '60s
Yoga Karate
AT&T Park Graceland
Embarrassing Musical Performance
This version of Twist and Shout This version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight"

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